We need every family’s help to make the swim season happen!   

The King Farm Swim Team is a solely volunteer run organization (with the exception of coaches).  It is imperative to have parent volunteers run meets and other swim team events.

Volunteer Policy

This year the board has decided to update the volunteer policy to make sure we can fully support all our swim meets and activities.    It is imperative each family volunteer at least fifteen (15) adult volunteer hours this season. 

While middle and high school students are welcomed and encouraged to earn SSL hours during the season, these hours will not count towards a families volunteer hours.  

For those families that do not meet the minimum volunteer requirement, their child(ren) will be ineligible to swim the final A/and or B meet OR they will have to pay $25.00 per unmet volunteer hour in order to swim.

How to Volunteer

There are many areas where volunteers are needed during the swim season.

The most important area where volunteers are needed is to support our swim meets! 

It is easy to sign up to volunteer for a meet or other swim team activity!  

You can sign up for most of your volunteer dates/responsibilities on our website. 

The procedure is simple:

  1. Log onto your account at our website -- www.kingfarmswimteam.com
  2. Click EVENTS
  3. Next to any event, (swim meet, etc...) when volunteers are needed, there is a JOB SIGN-UP button.
  4. Click on the JOB SIGN-UP button.  
  5. Check the box next to the position for which you chose to volunteer.
  6. Click the SIGN-UP button near the bottom of the screen.  
  7. Your name will be entered on the volunteer list.

Note:  There are some swim meet volunteer positions that you can only sign up for if you have experience or certification:  Chief Judge, Computer Operator, Referee, Starter, and Stroke & Turn Judge.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested in learning more about the training for these positions. 

All other meet volunteer responsibilities only need a brief on the job training.

Non-Meet Volunteer Options

The Board understands that sometimes families cannot fulfill all their volunteer hours through swim meets.  There are volunteers needed for all swim team activities.  Most swim team activities are on the calendar and need volunteers! For example pizza parties, handing out PBC treats, Pancake Breakfast, making concession runs, and there are many, many more.

If you are still looking for volunteer hours and need some help, please email [email protected]


Pre-Team Volunteer Policy

PRE-TEAM PARENTS are exempt from the fifteen hour volunteer requirement.   KFST still encourages all pre-team families to help and volunteer throughout the season at some of our events: Memorial Day BBQ, End of School Pizza Party, Concession Stand on a Weekend, Pancake Breakfast, Make a Costco Run...to name just a few!

For any volunteer questions, please contact [email protected]