General Information

  1. The teams comprising our Wednesday night "B" league are of similar size.
  2. All away meets will begin at 6:00 p.m, while all home meets will begin at 5:30 as we don't have lights. For away meets, the home team will warm up between 5:10 and 5:30, while QO will warm-ups between 5:30 and 5:50. For home meets, QO will warm up between 4:40 and 5:00, while the visitor will warm up between 5:00 and 5:20.
  3. Stroke judging and all other rules for the meet follow the MCSL guidelines. These meets are to be fun, but structured.
  4. To ensure a smooth running meet, parent volunteers are needed in the same positions as a Saturday meet.
  5. Our "B" league has four or more scheduled dual meets, a "B" Relay Carnival, and a SuperStar Meet.


B Meet Eligibility


                 1.  In a swimming week (Saturday – Friday), a swimmer is eligible to Swim:

                             * An individual event (including the I.M.) only once per week in either an A or B meet.

                         *  A total of three individual strokes and one I.M. per week.

                 2.  Exhibition:

                              * At the coach’s request (i.e., he “needs a time”), a swimmer may swim any stroke as exhibition. 

                          *   A swimmer who wishes to swim the 4th individual stroke as an exhibition must discuss this with the coaches in person at practice. In general, swimmers will be limited to one exhibition swim per stroke per season.

                          *   Exhibition swimmers must wear an orange cap.

                 3.   There will be no swimming up to an older age level except in events 45 & 50 for the 15 – 18 age group & the “B” Relays.

                 4.   All swimmers must perform a “legal” stroke in order to participate.

                 5.  Meet Entry Guidelines:  For all swimmers entering a Wednesday Night meet, swimmers must meet the following guidelines:

                          *  A swimmer competing in any 25m race be able to swim the stroke legally and in 60 sec or less

                          *  A swimmer competing in the 100m IM be able to swim all strokes legally and finish the event in 3 minutes or less.

                 6. B meets are not scored.  Swimmers do not receive points and no "winner" is announced at the end of the meet.

Superstar Meet

Superstars is a tri-meet at the end of the B-league season. The rules for the SuperStar meet are different from the normal B meets as follows:

  • Swimmers may swim in up to 3 single-stroke events plus IM.
  • Restrictions: The following are the only limitations on Superstar swimmers. The previous week's A meet has no impact on eligibility for Superstar meet events.
    • Swimmers are NOT eligible to swim in this meet if they will be swimming in two or more events at Divisionals. ALL others are eligible.
    • Swimmers may not swim any event they will be swimming at Divisionals.
    • Swimmers must already have a time in all events they swim.
    • Swimmers must be at least 9 to swim in an IM.
    • NO exhibition swimmers at this meet - period.
    • No deck entries.
    • Swimmers can only be entered in events in which their strokes are 'legal.' Additionally, swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool in 60 seconds or less and the 50 meter freestyle in 1 minute/30 seconds or less.
  • This meet will have ribbons up to 24 places + participants; no heat ribbons will be given at this meet. The ribbons are large and quite nice.
  • There will be no relay events
  • All final decisions as to what events swimmers will be entered are at the sole discretion of the coaches

B Meet Sign Up Procedures

As a team policy, the coaches work to get every eligible swimmer that requests to swim at a B Meet to swim.  So, while it is important to indicate when your swimmer will be at a meet, it is just as important to indicate when your swimmer will NOT be available for a B Meet.  So, please register your swimmers for every B Meet indicating whether they will be available or not.  

If your swimmer is not eligible (see above), please indicate that they will NOT be swimming in the B meet.


Signing up for B Meets is done through the team web site (here) and allows you to request up to 3 events and IM for each swimmer.  To sign up,

  1. Log into your family account.
  2. Find the B-Meet either on the Event list or in the calendar
  3. Click on the Attend This Event button
  4. Click on your child's name.
  5. Select either "Yes, please sign (name) up for this event" or "No thanks, (name) will NOT attend this event" in the "Declaration" drop down.  You may add any meet related information in the "Notes" field.
  6. If you declare "Yes", all events for the appropriate age group will be presented.  Select up to 3 and the IM events for the swimmer.  You may select less than 3 but, please do not select more than 3.
    Note: Selecting strokes is only a request. The coaches will make a final decision as to who will swim in what events.
  7. Click on "Save Changes".
  8. Repeat for any additional swimmers.

Please don't forget to go into the system and reply "No" if your swimmer cannot attend the meet.

For detailed instructions, click here for the B Meet Sign Up Procedure.

See What Events Your Swimmer(s) is Swimming.  

 For B-meets, you can check the web site to see what strokes the coaches have approved for your swimmer(s). Just go to the event page and click on the pink, "edit commitment" button.  The next screen will list your swimmers with their events in the coaches approved column.  Each event should have a red check mark next to it which means that the coaches have approved the event.  If not, it means they are not swimming that event. 

If you have questions about the process, see the Team Handbook, read the FAQ, ask a board member or email the coach with your questions.