Volunteer Policy

You must now volunteer for jobs worth at least 20 points as all jobs are no longer treated equally.  See the list of volunteer jobs for descriptions and point value.

We are asking that every Otter family take an active role in making this a successful season.

We can't do it without YOU! We have many volunteer jobs that do not require any experience, just a willingness to make the very short summer swim season a fun one for everyone!

Each family is required to sign up for jobs worth a minimum of 20 points.  In the volunteer system, each job is assigned points.  Generally, one job equals 4 points.   (Some full season jobs are valued at 8 or 16 points.)  Having committed to volunteer for jobs worth at least 20 points is a pre-requisite for completing registration so be sure to sign up. 

For instructions on how to sign up, click here for the Volunteer Guide 

To see a report of the jobs for which you have already volunteered, follow the steps below,

  1. Got to the Events list from the Home page (click the More... link).
  2. Click on the Reports tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on "Job Signup Report for my Account".

or click "Job Signup Report for My Account" to go directly there.

Job Listings and Descriptions (click on the links below):

Come meet other parents, enjoy the camaraderie, and have fun by volunteering to help our team!