IMPORTANT: Please Indicate Your Swimmers' Availability for Meets This Season

Ann Bolten

As soon as you able, take 5 minutes to indicate your swimmers availability for meets this season: 

  • Please take a few minutes and “Sign In” to your Team Unify account at, choose “My Account” where your account name appears in the right hand corner, then choose “Team Events” under the “Events & Competition” from the left hand menu. Choose “Edit Commitment” individually for all of the Meets and all of your swimmers - including Time Trials, A Meets, B Meets. Relay Carnival and Divisionals. Please indicate your swimmer’s availability for A Meets even if they do not typically swim or have never swum in an A meet. This is very important and saves the Coaches lots of time trying to track down swimmers.
  • Click on your swimmer’s name and choose “Yes” or “No” from the drop down menu under “Signup Record”. There is only 1 day/1 session – please make sure it is selected. Then press “Save Changes”.
  • Please respond as soon as possible – and especially respond even if your swimmer is not able to participate. Our coaches spent a lot of time last year having to manually reconfirm swimmers’ availability, which adds a heavy load to putting lineups together.
  • Note: You can also indicate your swimmers’ availability using the TeamUnify “OnDeck” app to your phone using the same login – many of us find this easier to use than the browser-based version. We will be available to answer questions both at the Parent Orientation
  • Note: you are always able to edit your commitments throughout the season so please use your current and best estimate of when your swimmer is in town and available and update it as the season progresses if that availability changes.