Time Trials!

Ann Bolten

Time Trials are TOMORROW!

Time Trials will happen RAIN OR SHINE! A reminder: these times (along with times recorded at the first B meet on 6/15) will determine who will swim in our first A meet.

Please stay after the meet for a team lunch!

Info for Swimmers

·        Swimmers should arrive at the pool at 8:15 a.m.

·        Warmups will take place from 8:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m.

·        The theme for the meet is Dolphin Purple and White

·        The heat sheet is attached.

·        Clayboys will be selling shaved ice but we won’t have our ordinary concessions at the meet so remember to bring snacks and a full water bottle (no glass).


Thank you to our many parent volunteers!

WE STILL NEED TIMERS TO RUN THE MEET! If you have a swimmer in the meet, please sign up to help:



Volunteers should arrive by 8:15am.

Team Reps: Jeff Mascott, Kelly Swain, Ann Bolten, Gayle Horn, Matt Zaft, Dario Fuentes
Referee: Nancy Jardini
Starter: Dario Fuentes
Stroke & Turn: Brian Reilly, Nancy Kadowitz, Pamela Kenny, Lisa Krochmal
Head Timer: Will Edick, Russell Green
Automation: Jenn Mascott, Jeff Mascott, Ann Bolten, Sumi Choi
Runners: Matt Zaft, Gillian Edick
Clerks of Course: Gayle Horn, Kelly Swain
Announcer: Andrew Lewis
Team Lunch Lead: Jackie Quan

Team Lunch Helpers: Kelly Swain, Erlinda Doherty


Timers: Shelley Guiley, James Regan, Peter Bryce, Jamie Miller, Jeremiah Helm, Shannon Rovak, Semra Mesulam, Peter Tynan, Caroline Chang, Charles Borden, Nick Fox, Seth Cohen, Michael Roark, Allen Hu, Mike/Melissa Tye

Meet Timeline

Somerset warm-up — 8:20-8:40 am
Officials briefing — 8:30 am
Timers briefing — 8:45 am
Scratch Meeting — 8:45 am
Time check — 8:55 am
National Anthem — 8:58 am
Begin meet — 9:00 am