Twin Farms Swim Club, est. 1958

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Our goal is to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Please see below for our COVID-19 rules. As we receive updated information from the State of Maryland, we will adjust accordingly.

COVID-19 Polices

  • It is the responsibility of ALL members to be mindful of their own health and the health and safety of all other members and staff.
    • If you are sick, a member of your family is sick, or you’re waiting for test results to come back, you will need to stay home.
  • Please wear a mask when signing in and walking through the locker rooms and also when interacting with other members and/or staff.
  • Do not wear a mask in the water.
  • Please do your best to maintain social distancing at all times.

NEW Sign-In Process 

  • Every member must be signed in at the front desk by a lifeguard. NO exceptions!
    • All members of a family must sign in.
    • All members should take their temperature before coming to the pool. If you have not already taken yours, the guard signing you in will take it. Anyone with a temperature above 99.5 will not be admitted. 
    • All members must sign out. If we end up having families waiting to come in, this will help with calculating numbers.
    • It’s essential that Twin Farms is able to track who has been in the facility.

Help the Guards Keep Twin Farms Clean

  • When leaving for the day, please fold the provided lawn chairs down and turn regular chairs on their sides to indicate to the staff that the chairs need to be cleaned. 
  • The staff are following Montgomery Country COVID-19 polices regarding cleaning.

Bathhouse Cleaning 

  • The bathhouse has to be thoroughly cleaned throughout the day but especially at closing. It closes at 7:45 pm. Swimmers can stay in the water until 7:55 pm but anyone leaving after 7:45 pm will need to leave through the side gate. This is the ONLY time for entering or exiting through the side gate.

Pool Rules 

  • 25 people in the pool maximum. The number of members on the grounds will be subject to sufficient space for each family to be seated a safe distance from the next family. The guards may limit capacity if the grounds become crowded. Based on the County regulations regarding capacity we can accomodate a substantial number of members at a time but we will limit capacity if safety becomes an issue.
  • 1 person per lap lane (signs will indicate the maximum time use for each lane). We may implement sign up times for lanes depending upon demand.
  • Diving board and Slide are OPEN
  • The Baby Pool and surrounding area is CLOSED! Sorry, this is not our rule, it is mandated by the County.
  • Any child who has not passed the swim test or requires flotation assistance must be accompanied by an adult in the water!
  • Any child who wishes to go past the 3 feet or go off the diving board or slide MUST pass the swim test.
    • Please as a lifeguard to administer a swim test.