Twin Farms Swim Club, est. 1958


(August 30 to September 6)

August 30 and 31 and September 1, 2, and 3: 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

September 4 and 5: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

September 6: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The History of Twin Farms Club

The origins of Twin Farms Club were launched on July 1, 1953, when a group of residents from Paint Branch Farms and Colesville Farms Estates met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Heller to discuss the possibility of constructing a swimming pool. The facility was envisioned as a community pool benefiting both developments. Community pools were rare in the county at that time, as were any type of recreational facilities.

Among those actively involved at this and ensuing meetings were: Mr. Arthur H. Miller, Jr., Dr. Frank T. McClure, Mr. Philip Mason, and Admiral H. Pearson. They and others formed working committees to consider the acquisition of property, recruitment of members, drafting of a charter and bylaws, and investigating zoning ordinances and financial requirements.

By the fourth meeting in August 1953, the group had proposed and accepted a charter and a set of tentative bylaws which had been composed by a committee under the guidance of Frank McClure. The bylaws established a Board of seven Directors which was duly elected:

     Frank McClure, President V.J. Dietz

     Philip Mason, Secretary J.A. Kiley

     Ed Sulzer, Treasurer E. Grant Marshall

     Robert R. Ayers

The Board agreed upon the name, Twin Farms Club, appropriately designated for the two residential communities originally involved: Paint Branch Farms and Colesville Farms Estates.

The Board continued to meet for the remainder of 1953 and into 1954 with periodic general meetings. By November 10, 1954, Twin Farms was officially incorporated. Progress, however, was extremely slow with obstacles seemingly every step of the way.

It soon became obvious that the membership drive would have to expand beyond the two communities as residents of these areas were most reluctant to support what they deemed an unlikely project. The immediate surroundings were relatively undeveloped in population, so pledges were sought as far away as White Oak, Burtonsville, Wheaton, and Olney.

Finding a suitable tract of land proved a laborious task. The majority opinion of the group was to buy a few acres from the Lurelake Farm on Fairland Road, which adjoined Paint Branch Farms. This property belonged to Elizabeth McCulloch, who was approached on several occasions, but was not at all interested in selling. Miss McCulloch, it was discovered, was negotiating with a group of investors for the sale of part of her 135 acres. Considering the acquisition of this site was hopeless, the land committee pursed other properties in less convenient locations, only to be hampered by zoning ordinances.

All efforts proved futile and enthusiasm was quickly dwindling, when in 1957 Arthur Miller and Philip Mason learned that Miss McCulloch had in fact sold the bulk of her farm. The new owners were Lurelake Corporation and were subsequently contacted by Miller and Mason. A contract was negotiated by which Twin Farms was given an option to buy four acres of land for the purpose of building a swimming pool at a price of $2,500 per acre. Seven members of Twin Farms Inc., personally raised $700 to meet the requirements of the contract which included a $500 deposit. These seven were the first charter members of the club: William Caywood, Arthur Miller, Phillip Mason, E. Grant Marshall, Frank McClure, Robert Heller, and Robert Ayers.

In order to raise the purchase price of the property and still retain sufficient funds to initiate construction and maintain adequate working capital, the board established a goal and limit of 250 members (increased to 275 in 1967 and 295 in 1984). The first 200 members were to join at the charter rate of $250 and the remaining 50 at $300.

Still, the tremendous task lay ahead: pledging a sufficient number of families in order to insure the success of the project. The goal was attained finally, through the efforts of the original ’53 group and others who joined later, including Allen Kaufman, who spent many hours pledging numerous families. Most definitely the one person who stands out throughout the entire effort was Arthur Miller. He never abandoned the dream and always persisted to the realization. He has been aptly described as “the man who made it work.”

And work it did! The property was bought for $10,000 and a loan was effected with Suburban Trust Company to finance construction. Philip Mason was commissioned to design the facility and Young and Heinsohn Associates was awarded the building contract at the cost of $57,000.

Finally on August 7, 1958, Twin Farms Club pool became a reality. That first season, although only six weeks long, was a huge success with hundreds of individuals enjoying the facility. Additionally, 57 persons successfully completed swimming lessons.

The first Board of Directors to serve when the pool was opened were:

     Arthur Miller, Chairman Philip Mason

     Adm. Helmer Pearson, Secretary William Lea

     William Caywood, Treasurer Allen Kaufman

     Otto Rauchschwalbe

The pool proved to be a marvelous pastime for the youngsters at Twin Farms. In 1961 a swim team was organized and joined the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL).

In 1979 Twin Farms joined the Montgomery County Dive League (MCDL) as a charter member.