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Please see the 2020 Membership Letter dated February 15, 2020.



Dear Members:

Twin Farms Swim & Tennis Club

P.O. Box 4114 Silver Spring, MD 20914

The kids may still be dreaming of a big snow and missed school, but we are thinking ahead to summer! We hope you are looking forward to another great season at Twin Farms.

As you know, last year we switched to a new membership software and overall it worked out well. This year you should simply have to login and pay your dues without having to re-enter all your information, but do check and make sure we have correct information for every member of your family. If anyone in your family is not getting our emails, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll make sure they are on the list.

Planning is well underway for the 2020 season and as always, there is plenty of work to do. After working tirelessly to keep the pool running and looking great, our Maintenance Chair Greg Vaonakis has stepped down. WE NEED YOU! While some fix-it skills are a big plus for this position, it is not mandatory. The main job of the Maintenance Chair is to organize the clean-up days and coordinate with our pool management company for any repairs. This could also be a great job for a couple of people to tackle as a team. Will you help? Email us or reach out to any member of the Board. We will be meeting in February and March and would love to get planning underway for the Spring Clean-Up Days. Again this year, kids will be able

February 15, 2020


to earn SSL hours for helping out. Get those teenagers off the couch and check SSL off your list of things to do!

The best way to help us get ready for the 2020 season is to please get your dues in, and in on time. Dues are due by April 1. We must pay many of our costs (i.e. pool chemicals, opening the pool) before the season even starts, so we must charge the late fees for late payments. To register, please go

to and click on the “Membership Registrationbutton.

Thank you in advance for including a donation in your registration to help defray some of the maintenance and improvement costs that keep the pool working well and looking great. We try to keep our dues low and these contributions are a great help. Unlike some pools, we do not charge our Members “assessments” for capital expenditures, but we would greatly appreciate it if you consider increasing your voluntary contribution when completing your membership forms. Every contribution helps. Every year there are a number of items on our wish list. All of these things cost money and we can’t do these things without the donations. Thank you.

The best way to keep our dues low and our pool in top shape is to bring in new members. Last year we had a great number of new members and particularly new families with young kids. These are our future Tigers! We want to make sure they return! Reach out to the new families you met last year and encourage them to come back! We also ask that each Member spread the word about the pool to at least one potential new member family. Are you on Twitter or Facebook? We will be sending a few blasts this year about the New Member Special. Please “share” them with your Facebook friends to help get the word out. If you are on a community or neighborhood listserv please share our posts on those as well as in your school newsletters. We will also send along flyers for you to share with that new family that has moved onto your street over the winter.

Dues for the 2020 Season

Twin Farms remains committed to providing members a great value and keeping costs down. Every year, the Board of Directors reviews our operating costs, dues structure, and the dues at the other swim clubs in our area. Every several years we have a summer with an extra week and 2020 is one of those summers. While it is great to have the extra time, it also means an extra week of lifeguard salaries, electricity, and operating costs. We must increase dues this year, but as always we keep the increase as low as possible and remain highly competitive with other clubs in the area.


The 2020 current member rates are as follows:

Annual Family $625 Bonded Family $525 Annual Senior $525 Annual Single $525 Bonded Senior $425 Bonded Single $425

These rates apply for timely payments received by April 1, so please get your dues in on time! In a separate email the Board will be asking your approval to a change to the By-Laws so that late charges won’t kick in until May, but please, still try to get your dues in by April 1. We do not want to charge late fees, we just want to get dues in on time so the pool will be ready for the season. Please remember to let your friends and neighbors know that the new member special rate is $425.

Although our financial situation has improved over the last few years, there are still substantial costs on the horizon. Please consider increasing your dues check by $50, $75 or more if possible.

A Note to our Annual and August Members

In additional to “owning” and voting privileges to directly guide Twin Farms, bonded members also pay a lower seasonal dues rate. This is why most Twin Farms members are bonded members. As bonded members, you will save hundreds to thousands of dollars over the years. As a way to encourage our annual members to consider becoming bond holders, our bond amount will continue to remain the same low bond it has been since 2008. We hope you will decide to make the switch. If you have questions about becoming a bonded member, please contact us at [email protected]

Membership Definition

Membership shall be extended to all persons in a household who qualify as dependents of the dues paying member under Federal Income Tax rules. Membership may also be extended to not more than two non-dependent family members living permanently in the same household. Additional persons with legal residence in the household may use the Club’s facilities by paying normal guest fees or, upon written explanation to and permission from the Board of Directors, by paying a season guest fee for each such person. For summer 2020 the season guest fee will be $130. Since 2011 we have also offered a “single” membership category,


which applies only to single person households with no dependents as defined under Federal Income Tax rules.


At Twin Farms safety is always our top priority. On behalf of each of us, and for the good of the Twin Farms community, it must be the single most important job aspect of our pool management and lifeguards. We have been very fortunate over the years to have a well-trained and licensed staff in the area of safety, as well as a well- informed membership. As we begin the 2020 season, please familiarize yourself with our health and safety rules. Please also discuss these rules with your children and childcare providers. A detailed copy of the Rules is attached and is always posted at the pool.

Annual Cleanup Days

To help prepare the pool and grounds at Twin Farms, we’re scheduling several cleanup days: two or three will be set in April and May. This is a great way for kids to get some community service hours, and for new members to meet and get to know other members. Many hands make less work for everyone, and we will have a great start to the season! If you would like to help, or for questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Youth Sports

Planning for this season’s teams is underway and we will provide details soon. As soon as we have the meet dates and other information, we will post it on the website and send out the information. The teams will plan a meeting before the team seasons begin.

Team Fees

Remember, the more kids on the sport teams, the more fun for everyone! The sports fee will be $155 for the first child, $255 for two and a maximum per family sports fee of $310. Unlike many other clubs, our participation fee covers each athlete whether they are on one or all sports teams. The teams are an amazing value and great fun and we hope your kids will join us. This year you will be able to register your athlete for any of our sports teams with one on-line form. You will still be able to mail your sports fee check if you wish, but you will also have the choice of paying by credit card. Team registration will be active soon and we will send an email to let you know it is open. If you have any questions before the parent meeting, contact:

Swim: Lisa Caponiti: [email protected]


Dive: to be announced shortly

Thank you and we look forward to a terrific 2020 summer down on the Farm!! 2020 Twin Farms Board of Directors

Chairman Secretary Treasurer Insurance/Bylaws Management Membership Maintenance Social

Chris Caponiti
Mary Lombardo
Al Caponiti
Brad Mages
Bart Brady
Olesya Rudin
Clyde Wheeler 240-305-7095
[email protected]

Twin Farms Annual Dues Notice

301-873-0807 240-483-1837 301-384-9525

443-822-7255 [email protected] 301-388-0927 [email protected] 667-240-6880 [email protected]

The Board of Directors of Twin Farms Club, Inc. met to approve the 2020 operating budget. For the 2020 season (see the registration form attached) our dues are:

- $525 for bonded members and $625 for annual members.

- A senior citizen discount applies to those of age 60 and over by Labor Day 2020. If you are eligible for this discount, and have not previously done so, send a copy of your driver’s license or alternate form of ID along with your check. Documents sent for age verification will be destroyed after they are checked. In the case of a married couple, only one of you has to be age 60 to qualify. Please note: this discount is for senior citizen households only and not for younger families who happen to have a senior living with them.

-Single bonded membership (which applies only to single person households with no dependents as defined under Federal Income Tax rules) is $425

For those youths participating in our sport teams, the participation fee will be $155 for one child, $255 for two children, not to exceed $310 per family. This fee covers your child whether they are on 1 team or both teams.

Per our Bylaws, please send your dues and fees no later than April 1, 2020 to:

Twin Farms Club, Inc. P.O. Box 4114
Silver Spring, MD 20914


Please make your check payable to the Twin Farms Club. PLEASE make sure to send your check to our P.O. Box. The Post Office will not deliver mail to the pool when we are not open and it takes weeks for mail to be returned.

You may also make payments by credit card.

To register, please go to and click on the Membership Registration” button.

Even if you send a check, remember to complete the online registration form. If you are having difficulty with the online system we are happy to help. Email us at [email protected] or call 240-483-1837.

Voluntary contributions: If you are able, please also consider increasing your dues check by $50, $75 or more to help build up our treasury and pay for upcoming major expenses.

Late payment penalties: According to the By-Laws, any bonded member who has not paid their dues by April 1st will be assessed a late payment penalty. The Board will be asking for approval of an amendment to change this which will likely result in late fees starting in May. See online registration form for appropriate amounts.

Resignation/going inactive: Resignations or requests to become inactive must be sent to the Board in writing (e-mail or letter) also before Apri1 1, 2020. Any member who has not notified the Board of their intentions to resign or become inactive will also be assessed the late fee. The late penalty fee will be charged against any eventual bond refund.

Twin Farms Admittance for Childcare Providers

Twin Farms’ childcare provider admittance card is available for members whose nannies and daytime babysitters bring the members’ children to the pool.

If you anticipate having a childcare provider such as a nanny or babysitter bring your child to the pool, please complete this form to obtain a childcare provider admittance card. Whenever someone caring for one or more of your children brings the child/children to the pool, the caretaker does not have to pay a guest fee if he/she is not a Twin Farms member. The childcare provider admittance card entitles the caretaker to enter Twin Farms free of charge as long as they are responsible for at least one of your children. Their admittance card does not permit them to bring a guest or to come to the pool without one of your children.


If you would like to give your live-in nanny or au pair the option of coming to the pool by themselves and to bring guests to the pool, you can pay an extra fee of $130 for your live-in childcare provider to give them the full privileges of membership.

Those families that request a childcare provider admittance card will receive a card upon payment of their summer dues. If you anticipate the need for a card, please complete the form below and send it in with your dues by April 1, 2020.


Request for Childcare Provider Admittance Card

I/We hereby request a childcare provider admittance card to allow my babysitter/nanny to bring our children to the Twin Farms pool without paying a guest fee. We understand that this card does not entitle the bearer to bring a guest themselves or come to the pool without our child/children. The childcare provider will show the admittance card to the lifeguards at the front desk before entering the pool.

Parent(s) Names: __________________________________________________________

Child/Children's Names: ___________________________________________________


Childcare Provider Name(s): ________________________________________________

Reminder: The childcare provider must follow all Twin Farms safety and health rules and be responsible for your child/children while they are present at the pool.

IMPORTANT: Please remind anyone responsible for your children that they must remain inside the baby pool area with your children at all times. Children are not to be left unattended in the baby pool.


Twin Farms Club, Inc. Health and Safety Rules

Revised February 2015

These rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors and will be enforced to provide you with safe and sanitary facilities. Parents, please be certain your children understand these rules.

The pool manager and guards have been given full authority by the Board of Directors to enforce the health and safety rules on all pool property. They may eject any person who fails to observe them, or who otherwise behaves improperly or in an unsafe manner.

  1. No person shall use the pool unless it is officially open and guards are on duty.

  2. Admission will be refused to anyone having signs of skin, eye, ear or other potentially communicable conditions.

  3. Children wearing diapers must wear a cloth diaper with plastic or rubber pants. No paper diapers are allowed in the pool. A fecal incident requires a cleaning and chemical treatment so extensive that it will close the pool for the remainder of the day.

  4. Flotation devices are permitted in the pool with the approval of the manager or lifeguards (except for specially designated events). Children using approved flotation devices must be within arms length of accompanying adult.

  5. No food, chewing gum or drinks of any kind are permitted on the deck. No glass bottled drinks are permitted anywhere on pool property. Members and guests are encouraged to eat meals in the pavilion area. Everyone must clean up after themselves.

  6. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises except as permitted by the Board of Directors on special occasions.

  7. Smoking is permitted outside of fenced pool area and not at pool entrance.

  8. Profanity is prohibited.

  9. Except for chairs already positioned on deck, members and guests are not permitted to move chairs onto the pool deck.


  1. Running or rough play of any kind in the pool area is prohibited. Kickboards, other swimming equipment and ball playing, may be allowed at the discretion of the management and guards when the pool is not crowded.

  2. A lightning alert is in effect for 30 minutes after thunder is heard in the pool area. During these 30 minutes the pool and grounds (including the food shelter area, tennis and basketball courts) must be cleared. Shelter must be sought in the pool house or cars.

12. Children:

  1. Parents are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children.

  2. Twin Farms Club will not be responsible for children left at the pool without proper supervision. Children must be picked up by pool closing time.

  3. All children under age 11 (unless they meet the requirements described in 12D) must be accompanied in the pool area by a person 14 years of age or older. They must be under the direct supervision of that individual at all times.

  4. Member's children age 8 to 10 inclusive may enter the pool area alone if they have passed the basic swimming test (administered by the staff and consisting of swimming two consecutive lengths of the pool using two different strokes and treading water for one minute).

  5. A member's child who is at least 12 years may bring a guest without adult supervision if that guest is at least 12 years old and has passed the pool test.

  6. Children under the age of three are permitted in the main pool only if accompanied in the water by a person 14 years of age or older. In crowded conditions, the manager or guards may request that these children, for their own safety, not be allowed in the main pool.

  7. Children who have not passed their pool test shall not be in water over their heads unless directly supervised by a person 14 years of age or older.

  8. Age requirement summary:


Under 8: 8-11:

Cannot be at the pool unsupervised.

Until the pool test is passed, must be supervised by someone 14 or older. Upon passing pool test, may be left unsupervised. Parents of unsupervised children are responsible for their children’s behavior and conduct. Children who do not follow the safety rules or the directions of the manager and guards may not be left unsupervised.

12-14: If they have passed the pool test they may bring a guest. The guest must pass the pool test to enter the pool.

13. Diving:

  1. The diving board may be closed when the pool is crowded.

  2. Do not dive until the preceding diver has reached the ladder.

  3. Dive from the end of the board only. Only one person at a time may be on the diving board.

  4. Do not get out of pool under or near diving board. Use ladder on side wall of the diving board.

  5. The manager and guards have the authority to stop any activity which they consider dangerous.

14. Pool Slide:

  1. Only one person at a time may be on the stairs and slide.

  2. Must wait at the bottom of the stairs until preceding person gets to side wall


C. Must be seated and feet first when going down the slide.

  1. Only slide when diving well is empty of swimmers.

  2. No horse playing on stairs or slide.

  3. The slide is not open during dive team practice and meets.

15. Baby Pool:

  1. Use of the baby pool is limited to children under the age of eight.

  2. Children in the baby pool must be supervised by a person at least 14 years old. That supervising person must be physically located within the baby pool area at all times.

  3. Dirty diapers should be changed out of the baby pool area and off of the deck.

  4. For the safety of the younger children, older children may be asked to leave the baby pool area.

  5. Adult food is not permitted in the Baby Pool area. Please cleanup all trash from infant and toddler snacks.


F. All toys must be at least the size of an adult fist.

  1. Adult Swim:

    1. An adult swim is normally called on the hour and lasts 15 minutes.

    2. The manager and guards, at their discretion, may cancel an adult swim.

    3. Children under 15 years of age may not be in the pool during adult swim unless the manager or guards have granted permission.

  2. Lap Lane:

    1. The lap lanes are for the use of people age 15 or older that are swimming laps.

    2. Children under 15 years of age may swim in the lap lane if granted permission by the manager or guards.

    3. Lap lane use should not exceed 30 minutes at a time, when both lanes are in use.

    4. A lap lane must be shared with another person upon request when both lanes are being utilized.

    5. As needed, lap lanes are shared with swim team members during June-July

afternoon practice.

18. Guests:

  1. Members must accompany their guests, and pay the appropriate guest fees.

  2. More than six guests per household at any one time require prior approval by the manager or the Board of Directors.

  3. All rules applicable to the members will also apply to guests. This includes the swim test.