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Volunteer Requirements

Summer swim is heavily dependent on volunteers to ensure the team can function and the swimmers can have a fun and successful season.  Twin Farms expects that each family make every effort to support the team and their child with their time, talent, and energy.  Swim meets cannot take place without parents actively fulfilling the roll of timers, judges, announcers, starters, scorekeepers, and concession attendants.  In order to ensure that our swimmers have a fun and successful swim season, Twin Farms is instituting a mandatory volunteering requirement for this season if your child or children are swimming.

To ensure that each meet has the support it needs, Twin Farms will be using a new program, TeamUnify, this summer to organize our swimmers as well as to ensure that each family supports every meet by filling one volunteer slot.  We will be keeping track of the volunteer requirements and if you are unable to fulfill the obligation, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement.  There is no shortage of jobs at every meet and the new program will track each family’s participation throughout the season.

We understand that everyone has other commitments, but these swim meets cannot function without the necessary volunteers.  Any family member or surrogate 13 or older can fill a role necessary to run the meet.  A volunteer sheet will be posted on TeamUnify for every meet under the “job signup” tab, and you will be required to sign up for a volunteer position at least 48 hours prior to the meet.  If you have not selected a role for the meet by the 48-hour deadline, the volunteer coordinator will assign you a remaining position if your child is swimming in the meet.

We are sympathetic to conflicts that may impact your ability to volunteer for every event, but we are a small pool and we CANNOT run these meets without the assistance of every family.  If you have a conflict, please work with other families to assist you in meeting your obligation and stay in communication with the team Volunteer Coordinator so they fully understand the situation.

This year’s Volunteer Coordinator is Erin Vaonakis (240.688.6299).

Please be courteous and make sure you are on time and ready for each event. Each volunteer must check in with the Volunteer Coordinator 15 minutes prior to the start of their shift.  This is very important as the Volunteer Coordinator needs to know that all roles are filled for the meet to begin.  If you are running late for a meet, please CALL or TEXT the Volunteer Coordinator at least 15 minutes before the start of the assigned shift.  Staying in contact with the Volunteer Coordinator will alleviate them from having to “hunt down” volunteers to ensure a timely start to the meet.

Twin Farms prides itself on being a small pool with a tight-knit community that supports the success of its swimmers.  If families are identified as not supporting the success of our swimmers, the team will be implementing a penalty fee to help support the team financially.