Tallyho Swim Team is 100% driven by parent volunteers. It takes many parents to coordinate our swim team and run the meets efficiently. We can only keep our great traditions going if all families join the fun in whatever ways they can! We can accommodate part and full-time working parents - there really is a job for everyone!

We ask that at least one parent from each family signup for 3 or more of the meet positions below during the season.  We would like to have all these positions filled before the start of the season.  B Meets need the most volunteer signups. Jobs in red and yellow without names need volunteers.  If you are interested in any positions that have already been filled, you may still shadow the current person or help with the role. 

Please reach out to Greer Bautz and Kathleen Knight (A&B Team Reps) by emailing [email protected] if you are interested in shadowing a Leadership Position or helping run our Social Activities.  Please reach out if you want to learn more about becoming a certified official, or if you have questions about any of the job descriptions.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!



These positions are required for running each swim meet.  Signups for each meet can be found in the events calendar.




“A” Announcer – serves as the public address announcer at HOME “A” meets. Duties include operating sound system, announcing the names of swimmers in each heat, swimmers who attain all star times and the final meet result.(Cheryl Katz and Jon Shanfield) 

“A” Ribbon Writer/”B” Ribbon Writer– assists computer operator and places results stickers on the appropriate ribbons for each event.  (In case you are wondering, everything is computer generated, so you don't need good handwriting.

Clerk of Course “A” Meets  assists the swimmers to find their proper events and lanes.

Clerk of Course “B” Meets – if meet is pre-seeded, assists swimmers in finding their proper events and lanes; if meet is deck-seeded, assigns lanes and heats for each swimmer in each event, assists swimmers in finding their proper lanes, communicates with starter and ribbon writers as to the number of heats per event, combined events, etc.

 Automation Coordinator/Computer Operator – Assits coach in maintaining team computer and software, produces meet programs and line timer sheets for home meets; Produces entries for away B meets, coordinates volunteers for Automation table during all meets. 

  • Jessica Farnsworth (oversight)
  • Jihui Yu, Brendan Moyer (B meets)
  • Yalda Jabbarpour, Jeff Martin, TBD  (A Meets)

Four people sit at the computer table: the scorer (visiting team); the computer operator (home team); and two verifiers, one from each team.  The SCORER usually receives the timer sheets from the runner.  He/she puts them in lane order, staples any DQ cards to the appropriate sheet (making sure the DQ has been signed by the referee), and double checks the official time, circling it if it is not already circled.  (If the official time is not indicated, the scorer should notify the referee so he/she can remind the head timer to ensure that the recorder circles the official time.) The computer operator types the times into the computer and operates the program during the meet, for example, making the data changes to reflect the scratch meeting.   At the conclusion of the meet, the computer operator produces electronic results for the home and visiting teams and printed copies of the meet results as requested by the reps.

Automation Copy Assistant  For home meets be the "kinkos run" on Wednesday afternoons to pick up heat sheets and other documents. Fully reimbursable and ideal for a stay- or work- at home parent (TBD)

Computer Operators – keys in results data during A and B meets.

Head Timer & Assistant Head Timer – using 2 stopwatches, time each event and provide backup in the case of a timer not able to time an event. Head timer shouts: “Timers, clear your watches” between events. Collects timing sheets from each lane after each event and gives to Runner to deliver to scoring table.   (Debbie Oblon)

Timers – using stopwatch, time swimmer in one of six lanes; report time to recorder.

Runners – A meets: two are needed for delivering results to scoring table after each event. B Meets: two are needed for delivering results and DQs to scoring table and if deck-seeded, taking swimmers’ event cards to opposite end of pool for 25 M events.


Stroke & Turn Judge – observes swimmers’ strokes, turns and finishes and reports infractions to Referee by holding up one hand and completing a DQ (disqualification) card.

Starter – gives swimmers specific instructions at beginning of each event. Operates starting machine.

Referee – has full authority over all officials at meet. Enforces all rules and has final authority on swimmers’ DQs.




“A” Representative – coordinates all swim team activities/meetings, represents Tallyho at MCSL meetings, hires coaches, attends Division meetings, assures that all volunteer jobs are filled. (Greer Bautz/Simona Alfonsi)

“B” Representative/Meet Manager – represents Tallyho in “B” league, coordinates volunteers for home and away meets, posts sign-up sheet at pool, sets up and home meets, assigns timers to lanes and assures adequate supplies for home meets. (Kathleen Knight -- NEED 2 OTHERS )

Concessions Coordinator – coordinates volunteers and sign-ups for working home “A” and “B” swim meets (2 or 3) and time trials, purchases items for sale, establishes price lists and menu items, monitors inventory and ensures all required items are purchased/donated for each meet and concession area is appropriately staffed during meets. (Crystal Jingfu --- 4 others)

Banquet Coordinator – secures venue for the Banquet, selects the food, decorations and entertainment, develops banquet program in conjunction with A Rep and volunteer, collects payments and forwards to Team Treasurer. (Debbie Oblon)

Banquet Video Tribute Production – prepares video tributes for both the swim team and graduating swimmer recognition. (Brad Rosenthal & Cheryl Katz)

Officials Coordinator- Assures that MCSL officials positions that require certification are filled for the team with proactively plans for the season, and at year’s end future officials are recruited and reminded of required training. (Greer Bautz)

Team T-shirt Designer – Design team t-shirts and one or more t-shirts for division-wide meets.  The t-shirt for A meet divisionals/relay carnival is a major revenue generator, but our team is not chosen every year.  We always design the T-shirt to be sold at the PIRC Relay Carnival that we host every year. (Genna Drazen)

Team Apparel – coordinates purchase of items (T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, car magnets etc.) and forwards payments to Team Treasurer (Vicki Pike/Wendy Emerly)

Swim Suits – coordinates purchase of team suits and forwards payments to Team Treasurer (Kathleen Knight )

Spaghetti Dinner Coordinator – Manages sign ups; set up and clean up of the dinners; Assures that spaghetti, salads, drinks, garlic bread and popsicles (or whatever the menu!) are provided by participants. (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Team Treasurer – deposits swim team membership payments, pays swim team bills, maintains swim team budget, maintains checkbook. (Tracy Newbold; Linda Lan)



Pancake Breakfast Coordinator – purchases food/supplies and posts sign-up sheet for volunteers for pancake breakfast for July 4th Firecracker Relay. (TBD)

Home/Away A Meets Lunch Coordinator  coordinates lunch following each home “A” meet: manages sign-ups, ordering food; set up and clean up; collects money from attendees. (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

After Spaghetti Dinner Games/Activities Coordinator  Plans and implements (or delegates) team building games and activities following one evening's spaghetti dinner. Need multiple volunteers. (Coaches)

Photographer– Takes annual team picture (with wide-angle lens), takes candids during meets and facilitates posting of photo to website. (Brandon Bautz and Michael Zuo)

Potomac Invitational Relay Carnival Coordinator(s) – coordinates our annual “B” Relay Carnival including: communications with invited pools, determines themes, meet management, ribbons and coordinates all activities of the involved committees: decorations, concessions, officials, etc. (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Pre-Team Parent Liaison – serve as a point of contact for pre-team parents, coordinate pre-team graduation celebration (order cake & snacks), handle questions regarding pre-team and swim team.  Should be someone who can be around during pre-team practices. (Lisa Matthews and Debbie Oblon)

Student Service Hour Coordinator – gathers and verifies student service hours and prepares student service learning hours documentation (Julie Chen)

Team Registration – updates online registration forms, collects payments for swim team and pre-team, activates/reviews online registrations, prepares team roster, forwards payments to Team Treasurer  (Jill Tender)

Team Suits – coordinates with suit supplier, arranges team swim suit sale at the pool. (Kathleen Knight)

Trophies – orders awards (Letters and Pins), delivers and sets up awards at banquet for swim team; orders and delivers Pre-Team recognition items for Pre-Team Graduation. (Debbie Weltman)

Senior Recognition  delivers Graduating Senior recognition items, gathers parent speeches for senior recognition ceremony during last home meet and Banquet. (Danielle Boucre)

Swim Team Website Manager – helping to update information on Tallyho swim team website and Reach for the Wall. (Greer Bautz/TBD)

Volunteer Coordinator  help to make sure parents are volunteering and tracking hours (Greer Bautz / Kathleen Knight)