Students who are current Tallyho Swim Team members can only earn SSL hours for the following positions: 

  • Pre-Team coaching (there is training) -- on hold for 2021

  • Runner

  • Assistant Clerk of Course

  • Concessions

  • Decorating for PIRC

  • Data verifier (high school only) 

  • Ribbon writer 

  • Timing -- B meets and high school only

  • Marshalling team area -- B meets and high school only 

Students who are current members of Tallyho Swim Team can earn SSL hours if they sign-up for a job on the website (please include student's name and "SSL hours" when signing up on the website).  Students must check-in with the Meet Manager during the meet (attendance must be confirmed).  Please note that these are necessary jobs for the meet to run efficiently and students are expected to show up on time and perform the stated job in order to earn SSL credit.  Again, you must note "SSL hours" and student name on the sign-up sheet and check in with the meet manager to get credit.  

EXCEPTION - Pre-team coaches - hours will be logged separately. Attendance will be taken at every practice by the pre-team coach co-leaders (Ellen Newbold, Ben Long Zuo and Dan Wei Zuo) and hours will be tallied at the end. There is an opportunity to earn hours every afternoon for pre-team coaching.  

SSL forms will be processed in late August and left at the front desk at the pool.  There will be email reminders when the forms are ready.