We are thrilled that your child(ren) joined the Tallyho Swim Team! To be able to swim in a meet, each swimmer must “commit” to each meet on the team’s TeamUnify website before the deadline to sign up. Please understand that there are many swimmers, so it is important to automate the meet. Swimmers who do not sign up online before the deadline will not be able to swim at the meet.


Here are instructions to sign up and “commit” to meets.


  1. Log into your account at:
  2. Go to the Home page.
  3. Click on the “Event Sign Up” tab on the right.
  4. For each event, click on “Edit Commitment” box.
  5. Click on your child’s name.
  6. Go to the “Declaration” drop down box, and select yes or no.
  7. For B meets, check the box for events that your child will swim (please only select events that your child can swim legally; please ask the coaches if you are unsure about which events your child should swim).
  8. For A meets, click the “Day 1/Session 1” box. The coaches will select events for all eligible swimmers.
  9. Click the “Save Changes” box (this step is important).


The swim meets for this summer have been posted on TeamUnify. We encourage you to “commit” your swimmer(s) for all the meets. You will be able to change your entries before the sign up deadlines if needed.


Have fun, swim fast!