Saturday Morning or “A” Meets

These will be our "dual" meets as governed by MCSL Covid guidelines. A Meets are traditionally on Saturday mornings. A Meets are scored meets that limit entries per event so therefore a set line up attends each meet. It is critical that you log on to TeamUnify early in the season to note availability all season long for your swimmer -- your swimmer may "make" a meet even if they don't expect to! Coach Akshay will post line ups on Thursdays. 

2021 Saturday "A" Meet Schedule (Tentative) Meets Start at 8 or 9 a.m.TBD

Saturday, June 12 -- Time [email protected]

Saturday, June 19 -- [email protected]

Saturday, June 26 -- [email protected] (Home)

Saturday, July 3 -- [email protected]

Saturday, July 10 -- Wildwood [email protected] (Home, Senior Day)

Saturday, July 17 -- [email protected]

Saturday, July 24 -- Divisionals (3 separate dual meets) [email protected] (Home)



How are A meet Line-ups decided?
The coach takes the over all top times from the season to create the line - up. After week 3, Time Trial Times no longer count. Top 6 in Free, and top 3 in Back, Breast, Fly & IM are entered. 
However, there is some strategy as 1 swimmer can swim only 3 strokes, IM & 1 Relay. Relays are created at the meet based on top times.