What not to bring to a swim meet

  1. Electronic gaming devices such itouches, iPads or other devices that keep you from socialing with friends and cheering for teammates!
  2. Older swimmers who carry phones are expected to use them to contact rides, etc. Not to text, call or use social media while at Tallyho events.


What to bring to a swim meet

  1. A Tallyho suit
  2. Two pairs of goggles
  3. A Tallyho cap
  4. At least two towels
  5. Sweatpants and sweatshirts (even in Washington in the summer you can get cold and shivering wastes important energy!)
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Water or sports drink (no soda!)
  8. Good snacks - fruit, power bars, bagels, cereal - anything high in carbs but no sugars
  9. Good sportsmanship!

How to have a great meet

  1. Attend practice and work hard to be in the best position to swim
  2. Go to bed early the night before the meet
  3. Arrive at the meet early and be ready to swim when warm ups start (MSCL warm ups are too short and you need to take advantage of every minute)
  4. Take warm up seriously
  5. Keep warm - when you exit the pool, dry yourself off and put clothes on (shivering wastes important energy)
  6. Participate in Team Cheers
  7. Do not leave the team area without permission from a coach
  8. Know what events you are swimming, listen for those events to be called
  9. After each race, stay in the water until all your competitors have finished, get your time, and then report to a coach
  10. Support your teammates and be nice to your opponents
  11. Stay hydrated and eat good foods(if you get thirsty it is too late)
  12. No candy, soda or other sugar
  13. Stay until the end of meet -- but if you need to leave early get permission from a coach
  14. Pick up a minimum of a five pieces of trash before you leave, return any chairs you moved - make sure our team area looks better than when we arrived
  15. Applaud your teammates when they receive their ribbons