Dive Job Descriptions



Dive Meet Jobs

Table Workers: This is a job for someone who likes to work with numbers. A side benefit is you get a great seat; refreshments, (at least at home meets) and you meet people from other teams. There are several jobs at the table. Most jobs include adding and double-checking someone elses adding.  Calculators and erasers will be available.  We will train you.  Time required: half a meet.


Ribbon Writer:  Records scores on labels provided and attaches the labels to provided ribbons. Time required: half a meet.


Judge: this gives you the best seat in the house!  Judges watch each dive and give a corresponding score.  There are 5 judges at each meet.  The high and low score are tossed out and the middle 3 are used for the final score. This is not as scary as it sounds. We attempt to provide shade and refreshments.  This requires a 2-hour training and certification is valid for three years.  As a new Judge we will start you out on the younger divers and move you up, as you feel comfortable.  Time required: half a meet.


Judge and Referee Training: This requires attending a two hour training session. You will learn how to score the divers and the rules.  Once completed, the training is good for three years. We generally start new judges with the younger divers.  Referee training is a bit of additional time at the training.  New Referees are welcome to sit with experienced referees for training during the season. Time required: 2 hours to 2 ½ hours.


Training sessions for this year are set for:


*  Clinic #1: Thursday, June 2nd (7:00pm-8:15pm) for Judges & (8:30pm-9:00pm-ish) for Referees - (online ZOOM - re-certification based)
*  Clinic #2: Thursday, June 9th (7:00pm-8:15pm) for Judges & (8:30pm-9:00pm-ish) for Referees - (online ZOOM - re-certification based)
*  Clinic #3: Sunday, June 12th (in person, time TBD, then poolside demo divers for about 20-30 mins) for NEW Judges
*  Clinic #4: Thursday, June 16th (7:00pm-8:15pm) for Judges & (8:30pm-9:00pm-ish) for Referees - (online ZOOM - both new & vet judges)


Its reccomended that new judges attend either the in person June 12th clinc or the virtual June 16th clinic. 


Zoom links will be sent out closer to the training dates. 



Referee: This job requires additional training and should be attempted by someone whom has been a judge for at least a year.  Referees insure rules are upheld.  We will provide an experienced referee to co-referee with you. The amenities include shade, refreshments and our gratitude.  Time required: duration of meet.


Officials Hostess: The Hostess provides ice, water and snacks for meet workers.  Hostess serves water and refreshments to the officials on the pool deck and table workers. This is to be carried out several times during the meet.  Hotter days will require additional water to be served.  Time required: half of the meet.


Announcer: Home Meets only. This requires some training.  Additionally the announcer should have a good understanding of dive numbers, a quick paced delivery, and unbiased patience. Time required: Duration of meet.


 Set up: Arrive 1 to 1 1/2 hours early.  Set up chairs, tables, canopies, fill coolers with ice and place water bottles in to get cold and assist as needed with other setup per Dive Reps instructions.  Time required: 30 minutes.


Clean-up: Clean-up at the end of the meet. Return chairs, tables and canopies to their pre-meet spots. Check area and pick-up remaining trash. Time required: 30 minutes.

Dive Sheet Helper: Assist coaches to get dive sheets signed at practice. Time required: 2 hours a week during the meet season.

Wrangler: Assist with younger divers to make sure they are adhering to standards of practice and prepared for their events at meets.


Social & Spirit Jobs (for both the swim and dive team)

Social: These jobs are offered first to pre-team only families and then open to entire team.

We have many social events that we organize for the team. These can include serving hot chocolate during the first week of practice, team breakfasts, team and family meals or events, book sale, bingo and raft/ice cream social night.

Volunteers sign up to help during these events. Helping can include setting up, server food, cleaning upa after events, and helping with the activity. Time required: Aproximately 1 – 2 hours per event.


There is a spirit activity after each Friday Pep Rally. This can include games, craft projects or decorating the pool. Volunteers sign up to help during these events. Helping can include setting up, helping with crafts, cleaning up after event, and helping with the activity. Time required: Approximately 1 – 2 hours per event.

Tarpon Sewers

Pick up materials from the sewing coordinator. Sew tarpons to be presented to the swimmer and diver of the week at each Friday pep rally. You will be instructed on when your tarpons will be due back to the coordinator. You MUST have a sewing machine and good sewing skills. Time required: Varies.

Banquet Helpers

At the end of the swim season, the banquet chairperson(s) plan a banquet for all the swimmers and their families to attend. This is the BIG event of the season. During the banquet, swimmers receive their awards. There are food, games contests, dancing and plenty of fun. The banquet usually has a theme that the committee helps make decorations for.

Volunteers assist the committee chair with the decorations, preparation, setup and clean up during the banquet. This can require planning and/or work meetings. Time required: Approximately 2 hours.