How to Sign up for Jobs

Parent Participation is vital to the continued success of the team. It takes up to 50 volunteers to run a successful home swim meet and 10 – 12 for dive meets (home or away). We can't manage meets or activities without you. Due to the tremendous amount of volunteer support needed, we require that each family help at the social activities or meets during the swim season. There are ways to help if you work full-time or have toddlers clinging to your leg. We work on a point system and each job has a point value assigned to it.

You must be signed into your account before you can sign up for jobs. Once signed in, click on the Job Sign Up link to view the events that have jobs associated with them.  You can sort by Swim Meets, Dive Meets or Social events.

Click on each event to see the list of jobs available. 

Put a check next to the job that you want to sign up up for and click the Sign Up button.  You will then be signed up for that job. You can also list who will be doing the job.  

Please make sure to sign up for the required number of points which are listed on the Job Points link. 

All Swim or Dive Meet jobs such as timers, table workers, concessions, computer helper. etc. are listed under each meet.  Click on the meet you would like to work and the jobs will show up.

Number of points are listed for each job.

To view what you have signed up for, go to the Job Sign Up page. 

There are three tabs at the top, click on the one that says "Report", then click on the link "Job Sign Up Report for My Account".  Change the date to May 30 so it will show all jobs since then. You do not need to put an end date in.  It will list all of the jobs you have signed up for.

Our swim and dive reps will be contacting any families who have not signed up for jobs or have signed up for the incorrect number of jobsYou will then be assigned to whatever jobs are still open.