Team Communication


We have several means in place for the exchange of information between parents, swimmers and coaches. Please avoid talking to the coaches during practice; their priority is to your children.

Bulletin Board

The Team Bulletin Board at the pool is an up-to-date source of information. Parents and swimmers should check this bulletin board daily. All Line-ups and notices will be posted on the bulletin board. If you would like for something to be posted on the bulletin board, please put it in the bulletin board folder.  Please do not put things on the board without approval.

Web Site

The team website has a variety of information related to the Team. It is maintained on a regular basis.


A minimum of one parent from each family should (but all parents/guardians are encouraged to) provide a current e-mail address to the Tanterra Swim and Dive Team. E-mail allows for quick and easy dissemination of important team information which is our primary form of communication. If your e-mail changes at any time, please sign into your team account to make the changes.

Text Messaging (SMS)

We will now have the ability to send out text messages.  When you log into your account, please list yours AND your child's cell phone numbers to receive the messages.

Family Folders

Each Team family has a folder outside of the pool office and below the bulletin board where ribbons, notices, and other material will be put. Please check your folder often.

Coaches’ Folder

The Coaches’ folder is also located with the family folders. Any notes for the coaches can be left in here. It is checked daily.

Questions and Concerns

If you have a concern about your child, please wait until practice is over to speak with the coaches. Coaches are more than happy to talk to you after practice. Even if during practice it appears that the coaches have time, you will be jeopardizing the safety of the  team members if you distract the coach. And don't forget to mention to the coaches what you and your swimmer/diver are pleased
about too!

If your concern is more generic, we encourage you to speak with one of the team representatives. They need to be kept apprised of any problems so that they can work with the coaches to have the best season possible.  We welcome all suggestions, especially those accompanied by a willingness to help the ideas come to fruition. By working together, we can create a great summer to remember for our families.