Swim Team Apparel 2022

Team Spirit Wear

If a swimmer chooses to wear a cap, ONLY Tanterra swim caps can be worn at all swim meets. No other caps will be allowed. We have white Tanterra caps in inventory that will be offered for sale throughout the swim season.  These caps do not have names on them.

Personalized, black name caps are also available to order until June 1st on our Swimcapz team store.  The price is 2 for $18, and there are no additional tax/shipping costs.  Personalized caps will not be available to order after the deadline has passed.  All orders will be delivered to Christina Conroy and distributed at Tanterra Pool.  

A variety of Tanterra Tarpon logo clothing and accessories will be made available to order online this season. There will be custom towels, shorts, flannel pants, flip flops, bucket hats, and other items available. See link below to Agon website.

Team Suits

Team members are encouraged, but are not required, to wear the team suit.  Most team members elect to do so. If you own the team suit, you should wear it for all competitions. For 2022, we are working with Agon Swimwear to order custom Tarpon swimsuits. See photo below. There are multiple styles of suits available to order.

We STRONGLY encourage swimmers and divers to try on the suits before ordering, as they are custom made and nonrefundable.  We will be offering 4 suit try-on dates May 2nd to 7th.  Click here to sign up if you haven't already.

Our Agonswim.com Team Suits and Spiritwear Team Store (https://agonswim.com/teams/119557) is NOW OPEN!  To be guaranteed the discounted team price and delivery in time for our first meet, orders must be placed no later than Sunday, May 8th, 6:00 UTC (which is 1:00 am our time!).  To save on shipping costs, all orders placed by this deadline will be delivered to Christina Conroy and distributed at Tanterra Pool when they arrive.  After this deadline, you may still order team items but shipping fees will increase and you will only receive the discounted team price if you order 12+ items in a single order.  

Swimmers should bring swim caps, goggles, towels, and racing style suits to all practices, and have team suits, if owned, at all meets.

Water or sports drinks should be brought to practice as well. The team provides kickboards and other training equipment for use during practice. We suggest the use of sunblock throughout the season.

Please feel free to contact Christine Conroy with Spirit Wear or Team Suit questions.