Tanterra Pre-Team

Tanterra's Pre-team is the first step in becoming a part of the Tarpon family. However, Pre-Team is not a replacement for swim lessons; it serves as a transition from basic instructional classes to preparation for competitive swimming. Pre-Team will introduce swimmers to beginning training and racing skills, build endurance, and help develop interest in this great sport in a supportive environment. It will also encourage awareness of the swim meet setting, teach swim team terminology (ex: lanes, stroke, relays, starts) and improve stroke techniques. Coaches Kylie and Ryan will be assisted by other coaches and there will be plenty of hands-on, in-the-water instruction.

Who should consider joining the Pre-Team?

  • Children who are 4 (by June 1st of the current year) to 8 year olds
  • Boys and girls who demonstrate general confidence in the water
  • Children with previous swim experience

With the above requirements being a broad description of swimmers that should consider Pre-Team, below are some more detailed expectation of swimmers in their evaluations.

  • Willingness to follow directions and easily separate from parent or guardian
  • Able to put their face in the water for a minimum of 5 seconds
  • Complete 5 bobs (head all the way under water and back up, consecutively 5 times)
  • Able to swim(crawl/freestyle) for 5 yards without putting their feet on the ground

If your child in not ready for the Pre-Team, they will be recommended for private swim lessons.

New pre-teamers (never been on the team) should plan on attending a Preteam evaluation before joining the team. THESE EVALUATIONS ARE FOR NEW SWIMMERS ONLY! If your child has already been a member of the pre-team, they need not attend an evaluation.

Preteam evaluations at the pool will be on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 10:30AM. The rain date for evaluations will be on June 13, 2022 at 4:30PM.

Preteam practices will start on Monday, June 20, 2022 at 10AM.