All meets require you to go online and declare your intentions.

How to declare for A meets:

This can be done whenever you know your summer schedule or weekly by midnight on the Wednesday prior to each Saturday A meet.

Go to the event and click on "attend/decline" or "edit commitment". Click on your child’s name. Then select “yes” you are available or “no” you are not available. Save changes.  Line ups will be posted by Thursday night or Friday AM. 

How to declare for B meets: 

This is easier to do week by week after the A line up is out as you will know what your child is already swimming.   If your child is typically a solid B swimmer go on anytime.  You can always go back and edit. The deadline is Monday at 5pm before the Wednesday meet. Go to the meet and click on "Attend this event". Click on your child's name. If he or she is not swimming, click "no" and save changes. If he or she is swimming click "yes", at this time a screen will come up with the available strokes. If you have a preference check the strokes, if not the coach will select for you, just click "yes" and save changes.  All entries are reviewed by the coach. 

Rule for how many events in a swim week:

During a swim week (defined as an A meet and the following B meet), a swimmer may swim a maximum of 4 individual events and the individual medley (IM). Each swimmer may also swim in 1 relay event. For example, if Tommy Tarpon swam freestyle in Saturday's meet, then he can swim backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly in the Wednesday meet. If Tommy is 9 or over (or younger with coaches' approval) he could also swim the IM on Wednesday.

Exhibition swimming in B Meets:  If a swimmer was disqualified in an A meet event, the swimmer can reswim that event as exhibition in a B meet if requested by the coach. Please see Team Handbook for more information on Exhibition Swimming.