About MCST...

We all know about otters - cute, funny, entertaining little creatures who virtually live in the water.

Well, that describes MCST, too.  We are all about having fun in the sun, racing through the water, and enjoying our community of friends.  

We are also a team of athletes, coaches, parents, and community members who value the hard work, persistence, and commitment that are necessary to have an enjoyable summer swim experience.

If you've got a playful otter inside of you . . . you might want to consider joining our team.  We welcome swimmers between the ages of four and eighteen (as of June 15). Membership is open to all families and is not limited to the Martinez area.

Children of all swimming levels will find a spot on our team.   Click here, to learn more about our Little Otter Program.

We are administered by an elected parent board, instructed by a paid, experienced coaching staff, and inspired by the children and youth who make up our team.

Interested? Join us!