Welcome to MCST!

Ready to get your kids moving? We are ready to move them! You would probably have a lot of questions in a normal year, and maybe even more in a pandemic year. If you're considering joining MCST, please read on. More information can also be found in our Parent Handbook, under the "About MCST" tab. You can also email us with questions at [email protected].


Q: How do I know if my child is ready to join the swim team?

A: We always welcome new team members. They do not need to know any strokes or technique, but they do need to be comfortable in the water and capable of safely swimming independently. For swimmers 8 and under, it's especially important that they are willing to get in the water and pay attention to instructions, because the coaches can not be in the water coaching them while we are under Covid protocol. Swimmers must be 5-18 years old as of June 15. For the first two weeks of practice, new swimmers are evaluated by the Coaching Staff. Swimmers not ready for swim team may be taken out practice and referred to a more appropriate program at any time during those two weeks.


Q: What is the time commitment (AKA what am I getting myself into?):

A: We begin practice in late April and we swim through late July. Practices are 4 days per week. Spring practices are held in the afternoon/evening, and summer practices are held in the mornings. Practice groups are organized by age (6 and Under, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, and 15-18). The volunteer commitment is currently greatly reduced due to limitations on swim meets and large gatherings. 


Q: What is the cost to register my child?

A: The cost for each swimmer is $495 before March 15. For registrations on on after March 15, the fee is $545. You may pay the entire amount at registration or you may choose to defer $125 until our Swimmer's Challenge fundraiser. We allow this so you can obtain pledges from friends and family to help pay the registration fee. Swimmer's Challenge is also an important fundraiser for the team, so prizes are available to swimmers who work extra hard to bring in more pledges.


Q: What will my child learn?

A: Your child will learn the swim strokes, proper diving and turning techniques, the satisfaction of improving on their own times, teamwork, and they will have a lot of fun with our enthusiastic coaching staff. 


Q: Do we need special equipment? 

A: Your swimmer needs a suit (one-piece for girls, jammers or briefs for boys), goggles, and towel. Swimmers with long hair should wear a swim cap. Some age groups may require swim fins, paddles, kick boards, and/or pull bouys. An official MCST swimsuit is required for swim meets and team photos.