The Waves “A” meets occur on Saturday mornings and are against other teams our division (Division K). The meet includes the 6 fastest freestylers in each age group, 3 fastest backstrokers, 3 fastest breaststrokers, 3 fastest butterflyers, and 3 fastest IM’ers (1 length butterfly, 1 length backstroke, 1 length breaststroke, 1 length freestyle). Each swimmer is allowed to swim 3 strokes plus an IM in a Saturday meet. There are also 2 relays in the “A” meet. One relay is for the older swimmers and the other usually consists of the fastest freestyler in each age group. The participants change each Saturday depending on who is available for that meet and their times. For the most part, pre-team swimmers do not compete in “A” meets, unless they are able to swim across the entire pool without stopping, in which case their times may be considered. Swimmers receive ribbons for their races.

Eric, Andrew, and Eliana, our coaches, use a few criteria to determine who will swim in a Saturday meet.

  1. First, they use (committed) swimmers’ fastest times in specific strokes as their primary criteria. As indicated in the “Information on MCSL” link, “The Waves A” meets occur on Saturday mornings and are against other teams in Division K. The meet includes the six fastest freestylers in each age group, three fastest backstrokers, three fastest breaststrokers, three fastest butterfliers, and three fastest IM’ers (Individual Medley swimmers). The participants change each Saturday depending on who is available for that meet and their times.”

  2. They may choose to “swim up” someone who they feel can help out another age group in terms of filing a lane(s) and/or have a chance to score points for the team.

  3. Our coaches may consider whether swimmers are legal (swim the stroke or strokes correctly), who’s injured/sick, and who have previous conflicts.

  4. They might look at what our opponent’s swimmers might be swimming in order to determine what strokes/events our swimmers will swim on a Saturday morning.


In general, expect the coaches to be working on a draft of the Saturday lineup on Thursdays. The lineup is not a “final draft” until it is sent by email out by one of the Reps. With TeamUnify, our website, app, and tool, the coaches use to create lineups, you are able to see “behind the scenes” while they’re making the lineup. However, it’s important to remember that the lineup is not finalized until it is communicated, via email, that the lineup is ready and finished. At some point during the early afternoon hours on Fridays, you can expect this to happen.

“B” meets take place on Wednesday evenings and includes teams outside our division.  Everyone is welcome to swim on Wednesday night, but if the swimmer swam the maximum 3 strokes and an IM on a Saturday meet, they can only swim the alternate (or sometime called "off") stroke on the following Wednesday as an exhibition swimmer (swimming for a time, not place/ribbon). For example, if a swimmer swam freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and IM on a Saturday, the following Wednesday, he/she could only swim breaststroke exhibition. The times the swimmers make at the “B” meet can help bump them into the “A” meet based on times. The pre-team is allowed to participate in a kickboard race at the Wednesday evening “B” meets and freestyle and/or backstroke. All swimmers receive ribbons for their races.

However, depending on the number of events they swam in the previous “A” meet will determine if they are swimming as an “exhibition” swimmer (i.e., swimming for a time, not place/ribbon).” For example, if a swimmer competed in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, he/she is only eligible to swim in his/her “off” stroke. In this case, butterfly—if the coaches deem that this swimmer is legal in that “off” stroke. In addition, if a swimmer did not swim I.M. (Individual Medley) on the previous Saturday, he/she is eligible to swim it in a “B” meet provided that the swimmer is legal in all four competitive strokes and he/she is interested in swimming that event. For young swimmers, especially, it’s a good idea to include that your swimmer is interested in swimming this event by indicating it in the “notes” section when you commit your swimmer. Our coaches generally work on this lineup on Monday and Tuesday, following the Saturday “A” meet. Again, although you might be able to see a draft lineup of what the coaches are doing, the “B” meet lineup is not a “final draft” until Dan shares it with the team. Expect that to happen on Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings.