The Relay Carnival is similar to Divisionals in that all the Division teams swim at one location. However, instead of individual events, the swimmers participate in relays. A relay is comprised of 4-5 people swimming one after the other. They can involve the different strokes, different ages and different genders swimming together. The order of events is here:

The coaching staff primarily determine which kids and order of relays by what will result in the fastest relay according to swimmers’ times. However, some events and ordering (of the swimmers in their events) are up to coaches' discretion. For example, if two kids have very close times, the coaches may choose to split the number of relays between the children as there may be multiple events in a short period of time.

Total team scoring/finishing in this meet contributes to our overall division standing/ranking. Regarding this lineup, although most swimmers may not know specifically what they are swimming in the meet until they arrive at our pool the day of the meet, parents will be notified if their child is needed for the meet on Wednesday, 7/6.