Volunteer Positions
The jobs of Referee, Starter, and Stroke and Turn Judge require certification by the MCSL. Our thanks to those who volunteer and are certified for these positions.

The following positions can be done by anyone.  Please note that during a meet, our Team Reps may have an unexpected need for additional help.  We thank you in advance for cheerfully helping out if you are approached!
  • (Home meet only)
  • Welcomes the visitors
  • Starts warm-ups
  • Call swimmers to the clerk of course
  • Announces the events and the swimmers names at A meets
  • Makes any other general announcements, including the score, team records, MCSL records, All-Star qualifying times, etc.
Clerk of Course / Assistant Clerk of Course:
  • (Two volunteers per half)
  • \Works with the announcer to control flow of kids to Clerk’s table
  • Checks in the swimmers and tells them their lanes
  • Tells the swimmers where to wait for their events
  • Checks the relay cards to ensure the names are in order of the swim and if there are any swim-ups
  • Enters the swimmers meet ID number from the meet roster on the relay card
  • Participates in the “scratch meeting” to a make substitutions
  • Receives the timer sheets and puts them in lane order
  • Staples any DQ cards to time sheets
  • Double checks the official time, circling it if needed.
  • Notifies the Referee if there is not an official time recorded
  • Hands the timer sheets to computer operators
Asst. Computer Operator:
  • Reads the times from the timer sheets to the computer operator
Automation Team: (Data Entry and Verifiers)
  • (2-3 volunteers per meet)
  • Read times from timer sheets to automation volunteer doing data entry.
  • Type the times into the computer as they are read to them
  • Makes the changes from the scratch meeting
  • Checks the results for the computer after each event against timer sheets
  • Prints copies of the meets results
  • Maintains the DQ log
  • Hands the timer sheets to the ribbon writers
  • Produces disks for both teams and the League
  • (Home meet only)
  • Arrive early to help set up
  • Sell the food and drinks for predetermined time slot
  • After the meet, clean up the concession stand and help put stock away
  • Checks the results for the computer after each event against timer sheets
  • Maintains the DQ log
  • Hands the timer sheets to the ribbon writers
Ribbon Writers:
  • Affix the ribbon labels to the ribbons
  • File the ribbons in the team ribbon box, under swimmers name
Head Timer/Assistant Timer:
  • Time each race in case another timer needs back-up
  • Collects the cards from the timers
  • Verifies that the times are close “within reason”
  • Verifies that all times are legible, e.g. that a 4 does not look like a 9.
  • Circles the official time
  • Time the race, starting as instructed by the starter and stopping the watch when any part of the swimmer (or kickboard) touches the wall. Records times on timer sheets. TIMERS MAY GET WET.
  • At least 9 timers are needed during each half of the meet.
  • (Home meet only.)
  • Takes the timer sheets from the Head Timer and takes them with the DQ cards to the scoring table.