The Booster Club is the parents! The booster club is an non-profit organization that helps support the efforts of the Boys Swim & Dive team. Support includes volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds to enhance the team’s goals and vision. The Booster club organizes and/or provides some funds for:

  • Volunteers to run home Meets
  • Rewards and recognition for our swimmers, coaches and graduating seniors
  • Supplies needed by the coaches and managers
  • Team social events
  • Senior Night
  • End of year banquet
  • Capital expenses (recently purchased: starting blocks, streaming equipment, fins/swim bouys, flat screen TV)

The 2022-2023 Booster Board members are:

  • President: Alex Jimenez
  • Vice President: Matt Gliniany
  • Secretary: Holly Engler
  • Treasurer: Liz Botkin (last year on board)
  • IT: Liz Botkin (last year on board)
  • Asst Treasurer: Open (this role is a trainee who will ideally serve at least a year as Asst Treasurer and then become the Treasurer)

Note: Board positions should be replaced when their youngest athlete completes their Junior year. This way when your athlete is a Senior, your time is focused on training and mentoring those who are new on the board.