Required Physical

An athlete is required to have a current physical on file every three years in order to register for sports at Maple Grove Senior High. If your athlete's physical expires before mid-February of the current school year, then you'll need to submit a new one. If you are evening thinking about a high school sport and don't have one on file, PLEAE DO THIS NOW!

To check the date of your athlete’s physical, go to SmartSchoolK12, select Sports, Manage Student, and scroll down. Click on the link for Sports Physical Date and you’ll see a pop-up window with the last physical on file. At the time of registration, around October 1st, you will need a current physical on file.

Athletes are NOT allowed at practice until they are registered. Team captain practices vary by year, but usually start the week of Thanksgiving. Please email page one of the completed physical to Rhonda Osatiuk. It must be processed in the system in order for you to register your athlete in SmartSchoolK12.

Your athlete MUST be registered with the school before they can get in the water, even for the Captains' practices.