Tips for Meets:

To help you plan logistics, this how things usually work based on past non-COVID years. Things can change rapidly and the coach will communicate the logistics for each meet during the season.

  • For meets, there is usually a bus that leaves from and returns back to the school. Athletes are required to ride the bus (at least pre-COVID). Coach will communicate exact times and locations to meet the bus.
  • The bus arrives back to the school surprisingly fast. Coaches cannot leave until all athletes are picked up, so please go directly from the meet to the school to pick up your athlete (do not attempt to run an errand in between).
  • We recommend spectators get to the pool about 20 minutes early to find parking and the pool. It is sometimes confusing to find the right parking area and door to the pool and we'll try to give information on that prior to each meet. 
  • The hosting school will charge an entry fee ($5-$7 cash) for fans to watch the meet. This goes to the school district to cover the cost of the referees.
  • Pools are warm! Dress in layers, even zip off pants and sandals are nice!
  • Concessions are usually available, but bring a water bottle just in case.