The All-City recreational Swim & Dive team program offered by the Middleton Gators Swim & Dive, Inc. each summer offers the Middleton Community Youth an exciting, challenging, educational and FUN environment for swimmers and divers throughout the summer.  After a year away from the pool, we are excited to announce that we will be back in the water for 2021!   Although joining the team this year will be a different experience than in other years and will require the cooperation and compliance of all our athletes, families, and coaches.   We have outlined our Best Practices and Precautions and expectations of our Middleton Gators members. 

We have learned a lot about Covid19 over the past year, and as we all know it is ever evolving.   Our goal is to provide as much quality, in-water instruction as possible for every athlete.  The guidelines that follow outline the plans for implementing this program.  To keep our members safe, the Coaches and Board of Directors reserve the right to adjust these policies over the course of the season to be compliant with “Forward Dane” and the subsequent orders issued by Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC). 

Please consider these factors carefully and speak with your athletes to ensure that this is the right choice for your family in this unusual time.

The criteria laid out in this document and by the Middleton Gators Swim & Dive, Inc. are based on current public health guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid19.  We cannot guarantee that you or your athlete(s) are safe from possible transmission.

Listed below is a brief description of the steps we will take regarding public health precautions for each area.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Social Distancing is adhered to before, during, and after practices.  That means coming in and out of the facility, standing on the pool deck, and while in the water.
    • Athletes are asked to enter and to leave spaced out, not in groups.
    • Athletes have designated areas on deck to stand and leave their bags.
    • Athletes enter the pool area individually and head to the designated starting spot during practice.  
    • Athletes must rest between sets/dives in these designated spots only.
    • Athletes are asked to show up no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of practice and leave the pool area promptly when finished with practice.
    • Use of changing/shower room will be off limits, restrooms are available for “urgent use” only. 
    • Practice groups are in accordance with the PHMDC order and social distancing requirements.
  • MASKS:  Masks are required by all.
    • Athletes are to “mask up” when not in the water. 
    • Coaches will wear masks for the duration of practice.
    • Parents who bring swimmers into the pool must wear a mask.
  • DIVING:  Handrails, ladders and platforms will be cleaned prior to and following any training session, acknowledging the “foot traffic” while understanding that boards and platforms are constantly wet with chlorinated water.
    •  The sharing of towels and “shammies” is not allowed.
    •  Divers should always maintain 6ft distance – particularly when waiting to use the boards.
    •  Cones will designate spacing while divers await their turn to dive.
    •  Divers warming up should observe the 6ft physical distance on the pool deck.
    • Athletes, coaches, and parents/guardians should practice handwashing upon arrival, after using the bathroom, prior to going home, and after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing.   Sanitation stations will be provided, as the changing/shower rooms are off limits.  
    • Athletes, coaches, and parent/guardians should cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue, throw the tissue in the trash, and clean hands with soap & water or, hand sanitizer.
    • Athletes, coaches, and parents/guardians are asked to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with their hands.
    • Coaches will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces after each age-group practice.
      • Coaches will wear disposable gloves to clean and disinfect.
      • Surfaces include storage shed door handles, padlocks, timing equipment and tools used at practices.   Pool Deck surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected in collaboration with the WBAC staff.
  • POSITIVE TEST PROTOCOL: We have a system and plan in place to inform parents of positive tests, and well as to assist with any needed contact tracing.   However, the local health authority’s opinion that practices run using the precautions listed would NOT meet the CDC definition of “close contact” that they use for their tracing efforts. 
    • Families are reminded to let our staff know about any positive COVID-19 tests.
    • In the event of a positive test, a note (with name anonymized) is sent to any swimmers who shared pool time and space with the positive test case.
    • We have a record of which swimmers attend which practice.  This helps with our notifications, as well as any potential contact tracing efforts.
  • COMMUNICATION- Middleton Gators Swim & Dive, Inc. strives to have open communication with our members.  Expectations of members will be posted on our website.  Facebook, SMS Messaging, and the Team’s Website will be used to communicate any updates.  
    • Coaches will follow the Middleton Guidelines for Covid-19.
    • The Gator Coaches shed on deck will be supplied with extra facial masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes to wipe down common coach tools before and after using.
    • Job specific responsibilities were updated and reviewed with coaches with respect to Covid-19 practices.  Updated Coach/Employee Handbooks have been emailed.  

All coaches are required to sign the Employee Health Reporting Agreement for Covid-19 Response provided by the Public Health Madison & Dane County.  www.publichealthmdc.com/coronavirus  By signing this agreement a Coach agrees to:

  1. Self-monitor prior to reporting to work each day.
  2. Report symptoms, positive diagnosis, or exposure to Covid-19 to the person in charge.
  3. Follow exclusions and/or restrictions that may be required.

In accordance with the agreement, Coaches with no known exposure to Covid-19, are not exhibiting symptoms of Covid19, and have not tested positive for Covid-19 may work unrestricted if all Best Practices and Precautions are followed.