About Our Team

The Middleton Gator Swim & Dive Team provides an exciting, challenging, educational experience in a fun environment for swimmers and divers throughout the summer. We pride ourselves on creating a positive experience for children of all skill levels. Our goal is to teach the value of team cooperation, safety, hard work, and the pursuit of personal excellence. Through the Middleton Gator experience, we hope to give your children memories and tools to help build a healthy and happy future.

The evaluation period will be from June 9 - June 16. During this evaluation period, the Gator dive coaches will evaluate divers for readiness for the dive team. If it is determined that a diver could best benefit from additional dive lessons, parents will be notified by our coaching staff and a refund of registration fees will be provided.

Dive lessons are strongly encouraged, especially for beginning divers.

Dive participants must be able to swim to the side of the pool after jumping/diving from the dive board or have passed a level 3 Red Cross, or equivalent, swim class.

Meet competition requires that 10 and under divers have a 5 dive list, while 11 and older divers must have 6 dives.

We look forward to a great summer!