Practice Equipment for 2021:  

Due to Covid-19 there is NO sharing of equipment, i.e., fins, kickboards, pull buoys, water bottles, goggles or swim caps.   Swimmers for this season only, swimmers will NOT be able to use the Team Equipment for practices and meets. 

Please be sure to have an extra pair of goggles and an extra swim cap in your swimmers’ bags in case of breakage during practice, and/or meets.   The coaches will NOT be able to let them borrow a pair as we have in past seasons; also be sure that they are fitted to your swimmer as coaches will be unable to adjust them this season.  

Other than swim caps and goggles, the other equipment is *OPTIONAL and not mandatory, and are used to assist in training.

All equipment can be purchased at Simply Swimming and will be included as an option on the Gator Apparel Store.

Age Group Swim Cap Goggles Kickboard Fins Pull Buoys
13&UP Y Y Y Y Y
11-12 Y Y Y Y Y
9 -10 Y Y Y Y  
8&Under Y Y Y Y