Middleton Gators Swim & Dive, Inc. 



The fees for the summer season are as follows: 


Swim Team Only   $225.00 per athlete
Dive Team Only   $225.00 per athlete
Swim & Dive Team*   $315.00 per athlete
Mini Gators Swim Team will not be offered in 2021   
Family Discount for 3 or more athletes   $50


  • *2021 Gator Swim & Dive Team- If you choose to join both the Swim & Dive Team, please note that Athletes will need to choose which day to attend either a swim or dive morning practices, athletes will NOT be allowed to cross over in the same day from one to the other during morning practices.  
  • Athletes that are in enrolled in both the Gator Swim & Dive Teams do have the option of attending morning swim practice and then attend the evening Dive practice.  10&Unders that have the evening swim practices (Pods E & F) have the option to attend the morning Dive practices only.   

Registration Fee Grants- Available, please contact Bill Kubsh for information.