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Gator Kickoff and Share Night Events at Culver's- May & July

  We host two events at Culver's in Middleton, our Kickoff to the start of the season in May and then in July as a way to thank Culver's for their support to our team during the season.  

Culver's goes to great lengths to give back to the community and is excited to continue to partner with our Team.  A portion of the proceeds from both events will benefit our swim & dive team..  So, spread the word on your social media,  invite your friends and neighbors to support our Team too!

Volunteers will be needed to assist with guest and general clean-up of tables.

Survivor Sunday, Team Bonding Event - June


Gator swimmers, divers and parents, join us for the Annual Gator Survivor Sunday held at the Walter R. Bauman Aquatic Center.  We’ll be dividing you up into teams, each with members ranging in age from 6 to 18 and one coach.  Then we’ll compete in “Survivor” style games.   Parents will have their own “special event” to compete in; as well as provide cheering and moral support.  And in our version no one gets voted off the island. After games we’ll serve athletes and parents brunch and have open swim. 


Spirit Night at Chick-fil A-  June 

Nothing planned for dinner or need a break!  Treat your family to a dinner at Chick-fil-A, West Towne, 430 S. Gammon Rd.

Chick-fil-A has been a great support to the team for the past few years.  We like to thank them for their generosity by hosting an event at their venue.   

A portion of tonights proceeds will benefit our team, so ask them to place your receipt in the donation bag! In a hurry, drive through orders work the same-- just remember to ask them to put your receipt in the donation bag.   Help spread the word on your social media and/or ask your friends and family to come support our team!

Team Photo Day- June 

During each age group practice, Empire Photography will be on deck to take individual and team age group photos of swimmers and divers. Please wear your team suit today! 

Please have your swimmer/diver arrive 15 minutes before their age-group practice.  Athletes should report to the photo area before going to their practices; once their individual photo is taken, they will be directed to go to their age group practice and when all individual photos are taken for that age group; team photos will be taken with their coaches.  We will have volunteers helping direct the athletes.You will receive information from Empire Photography about one week after the photos are taken on how to purchase.  A portion of the proceeds from all photo orders will benefit our Team.  Purchasing photos is completely optional.


Join us for an evening of *grown-up company with your fellow Gator parents and Gator coaches at the Grape Water Wine Bar.   Enjoy some snacks and purchase any of the fabulous wine that the Wine Bar has to offer, while you play a fun, friendly game of Trivia created by our coaches. 



​Calling all Gators to gear up and get ready to do some serious diving and swimming!

Along with our competition dual meets, our All-City Swim & Dive League Team Pools are a substantial donator to the Second Harvest Food Bank.  The money our team raises/donates will be distributed by Second Harvest to The Middleton Outreach Ministry.  The All-City Swim & Dive League along with Second Harvest will award the Swim/Dive Team Pool that raises the most meals.

We as a team feel strongly about giving back to the community;  a large portion funds donated through this fundraiser will benefit The Second Harvest Food Bank/MOM and the remaining funds will provide Gator registration grants to those athletes that otherwise would not financially be able to join. 

So each year we run a fundraiser, which brings all of our athletes together for a swimming & diving event.   Swimmers swim as many laps as possible and divers will participate in a dive expedition. 

This friendly fun event, along with our athletes fundraising participation, helps raise money from friends and family that is critical to financially helping out Second Harvest/MOM and the Gator Registration Grant Fund.




The second community fundraiser will be a food drive collection for the MOM Food Pantry, "Eating Around the World".   The Middleton area is made up of a diverse group of cultures and and the folks at MOM have asked for our assistance, we would like to help fulfill that need at the Food Pantry.  Each age group will be asked to collect food items from various parts of the world. (More details will be sent in July).   We will designate one week in July for this collection and at the end  of the week, the age group that has collected the most will be awarded with a Catered Breakfast from Chick-fil-A the following week after their age group practice.   All dates will be announced on the team calendar. 

Sundae Fundae,  July 

Gator swimmer, divers and their families are invited to the outdoor pool for a morning of fun and relaxation.  We will spend the morning in the pool for open swim and a chance to hang out with your team mates 9:00 to 12:30 pm.   Culver's Custard Ice-cream sundaes will be served as a special treat at 11:00 am!  Topping donations and volunteers will be needed. 



Swim Banquet- Last week of July

​The Board of Directors and Swim Coaches would like to invite all of the swimmers and their families to celebrate and thank them for a season of fun and hard work. The program will include a fundraising raffle, volunteer recognition,  swimmer awards, senior recognition and a video commemorating the season.  A pot luck style meal  and cake will be served.


Dive Banquet- Last week of July