Hello New and Returning Wheatlands Sharks swimmers and families!

These are the highlights from our recent Parent Meeting held on Saturday, May 20, 2023. This document covers much of what was discussed and an introduction to many of the different aspects of the Wheatlands Sharks Swim Team family!

Intro to the Meeting

We have a very dedicated board that works many hours to provide swimmers and their families with a wonderful Sharks swim season this year. We are always dedicated to making sure all swimmers and their families have a FUN and Safe swim season. You can find out the names of your Wheatlands Sharks Board Members by clicking here.


Please read all your emails.  You will be receiving three per week with important information about the week's events.  This is really the only way of communicating with the masses and avoiding hundreds of emails to the board members.  HELP THE BOARD MEMBERS, READ SHARKS EMAILS!

Code of Conduct and Expectations

Our wonderful coach, Coach Karen Ammon, has been our dedicated swim leader for many years. What makes Coach Karen better than any other coach (in the board’s humble opinion) is that she wants the swimmers to have FUN while learning the fundamentals of swimming, be it stroke technique, flip turns, dives, pool etiquette, good sportsmanship, or being a family and community of swimmers, 

Coach Karen, the Sharks Board, and all of the people that make this team such a great family-oriented experience want to make sure that we all try to exemplify the expectations of the team. They are:

Expectations of Swimmers

  1. Have fun!
  2. Be respectful to your fellow swimmers, coaches, parents and swim officials.
  3. Be on time to practice.
  4. Use active listening while at practice.
  5.  Observe and obey all pool rules.
  6. Shake hands with your opponents after finishing a race.
  7. Practice good sportsmanship at all times.

Expectations of Parents

  1. Have fun!
  2. Be respectful to all swimmers, fellow parents, coaches and swim officials.
  3. Help your swimmer be on time to practices.
  4. Be respectful of the coaches while they are working with the swimmers in the pool.
  5. Provide one parent volunteer at each meet in which your child is participating.
  6. When faced with questions or rumors, go to the correct source to get the correct information.
  7. Cheer on your swimmer and all Stingray swimmers at all meets you attend.
  8. Practice good sportsmanship at all times.

Expectations of Coaches

  1. Have fun!
  2. Be respectful to all swimmers, coaches, parents and swim officials.
  3. Be on time to practice.
  4. Practice active listening to the swimmers when at practice. Take time for parent questions before and after practice sessions.
  5. Get in the water with the swimmers when necessary to teach proper stroke/swim techniques.
  6. Take a proactive approach in making sure our team exhibits good sportsmanship. Set the example. 

You can see that most of the expectations for swimmers, parents and coaches are very similar and that the number 1 expectation is to Have Fun!!!

Please refer to our Code of Conduct for MHSL

Coaches for 2023

The Board and Coach Karen have put together a great group of our more senior swimmers as Assistant coaches.  In some of our groups, we are using a team coaching system in order to better provide to each and every swimmer.  We are so excited to see these 2nd year coaches in action as well as our newest additon, Parker.  Your 2023 coaches are:

6&U coach is Oliver Schimberg

7/8 coaches are Skylar Nollenberger and Parker Gust

9/10 coach is William Schimberg and Morgan Walker

11/12 coach is Sophia Mitsuoka

Head Coach and 13-18 coach is Karen Ammon. William Schimberg will be assisting Coach Karen with the 13-18 group.

Pups coaches are Megan Walker, Erik Gustafsson and Devin Hash 

All of these coaches are dedicated to making sure your swimmers are safe, learning proper technique, meeting expectations and Having FUN! They are also assisted by approximately 16 Junior coaches and coaching volunteers to give your swimmers the attention and dedication they deserve.


We are looking forward to a Covid 19 free season!  Parents, please keep swimmers home if they are sick!  Coaches reserve the right to send swimmers home if there are concerns about the heathiness of the swimmer.

Practice times are posted for the first week of practice (May 22-26, evening practices) and practices during the remainder of the season (beginning May 29th).

Practice schedule

Practice cancellation information can be found on our website, facebook page or you may receive via text if you signed up for SMS notifications in your account settings.

Parents are allowed inside the gate BUT are not allowed on any concrete area surrounding either the main pool or the small pool. This decision was made by the board in order to facilitate the learning environment surrounding Sharks.  In recent years, while Covid was an extreme challenge, we found that our kids were AMAZING without the need of us parents right by the pool (gasp!).  Parents are more than welcome to congregate in the grass on the north side of the pool within the fenced area or outside the fenced area.  Parents, you are more than welcome to bring your own chair or blanket to sit in the grass area.  No pool chairs or chaise lounges may be moved into the grass area.  

As with every year, NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY.  This is defined as the pool area, the clubhouse, the parking lot, the area outside of the fence including the grass area to the northeast of the playground between the pool and the school as well as inside the fenced pool area.  While we all love our furry friends, dogs are not allowed to be brought to the property.  We are guests of the Wheatlands community and must follow this rule.  Failure to do so will result in a warning, suspension from the team as well as the Sharks losing their position at the pool.

Meets and Disqualifications

Meet information posted on the website.  

Age group tents returning this year!  This was such an extraordinary success born out of dreaded Covid.  Our kids bonded on a level we have never seen in year's past.  What this means for parents, is the NO parents pf either team can set up a tent or permanent seating inside the fenced area of the pool.  We encourage you to set up in the quiet of the big grassy area to the northeast of the playground area.  We encourage you to come into the pool to cheer for your swimmer.  

We know that our team has a full range of abilities amongst our swimmers. We have beginner swimmers and state champions. We have team record holders and kids that disqualify every time they swim. We have everything in between the extremes. This is one of the things that makes the Wheatlands Sharks family amazing. We cheer and support every swimmer, no matter the ability. It’s a celebration of small and large accomplishments and of encouragement to build up our kids.  If your swimmer(s) are the ones that get DQs, celebrate them. It is often hardest on the swimmer for the DQ but celebrate them and their knowlege of what they did wrong, the hard work and dedication to correct, by taking them to Dairy Queen (DQ)!  And remember, a DQ in a race shows the coaches what that swimmer needs to learn---and receiving the attention and focus to fix the issue is how they get better!


If you think your child is having difficulty or a problem, encourage them to talk to the Assistant Coach of their age group. It can be intimidating for a child to approach an adult or teenager with questions. By encouraging them to talk to the coaches, it build their skills in being able to communicate with others and express their feelings and ideas in an open, thoughtful and non-threatening manner. If your child still feels that they are having difficulty or a problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the coaches for clarification or help. 

To receive notifications via text message, or to have your family information included in the Wheatlands Sharks Swim Team directory, please mark the appropriate sections under the "My Account" tab after logging in to the home page www.wheatlandssharks.com.

Wheatlands Pool

We are swimming in the pool of the Wheatlands Metropolitan District. Some of our Sharks families are residents of Wheatlands, but many are not. Remember, we are guests in this community. We are being allowed the use of the pool by the community as a way to bring people together and provide a safe and fun team experience to swimmers and their families. Please treat all facilities, landscape, neighbors, and equipment with respect. Please show respect to the Wheatlands community. Please do not bring dogs to the pool at any time, be it practice or a swim meet. Please clean up after yourself, your family, and your swimmers. Our goal is always to leave the community looking better than when we show up. It is something that this team prides itself on!

Private Lessons and/or Stroke Clinics

Wheatlands Sharks Swim Team is offering in-season Strokes clinics TBD.  More details to follow.

Wheatlands Sharks Swim Team coaches are available for private lessons.  More details to follow.


2023 is the year of the VOLUNTEER!

Without parent volunteers, Wheatlands Sharks would not be able to function smoothly. Each family is required to meet a minimum of 7 shifts per family during regular season (additional shifts are required for Preliminaries and Championships if your swimmer is participating at those events). Each family may complete 2 of the shifts at a social event and the remaining 5 shifts must be completed at the meets.  The website contains descriptions of some of the different types of volunteer shifts available. 


Check your emails often as many of the volunteer shifts and positions fill up rapidly. 

Volunteering schedules and shift signups will come out Sundays at 7PM for the meets. Volunteer shifts for social events will come out about 1 week prior to the event.

This year the Volunteer Voordinator was given the express direction of the board to be proactive in enforcing the volunteer requirements.  If you are not fulfilling your requirement, you will be notified and are subject to being assigned hours.  If you fail to complete your 7 shifts during the course of the season, you will not be allowed to return to the team.


Preliminaries will be held July 11th and 12th during the day.  Each swimmer is encouraged to participate in preliminaries.  Championships are held on Saturday, July 15th for those that qualify.  Mark your calendars for those days.  Even if your swimmer does not qualify for an individual event they might qualify in a relay.

Social Events

Check our calendar for all our upcoming social events.  These are not to be missed!


Wheatlands Sharks Swim Team is always looking for help. The easiest way to help it to Volunteer! We still need officials, concession staff and a treasurer. These positions are longer in term and generally fulfill your volunteer requirements.  Please contact me if interested.

Wheatlands Sharks Swim Team also accepts donations. A HUGE Shoutout goes to Garlock Orthodontics and the Dobbs family/SaddleRock Institute for their generous donations this year. 

This year’s team swimsuits will probably be handed out May 31st to June 2nd. 

If you have questions, please email [email protected] or check out the website www.wheatlandssharks.com

Tricia Schimberg
Wheatlands Sharks President