End-of-Season Swim Celebration (Banquet)

It’s time to celebrate our Foxes at the end-of-season Foxes Swim Celebration (a.k.a. the Swim Banquet but you provide your own dinner!) smiley The Celebration will be this Sunday, July 17 at 6pm. Be there a little early to get set up so we can start on time. The celebration usually ends around 8:30pm. 

This is a fun, memory-filled ceremony where every swimmer will be individually recognized for their contributions to the team for both their swim skills and their funny little quirks! Swimmers typically dress up for this event.

This is a picnic-style celebration where families can either eat before coming, or bring a picnic dinner to enjoy during the ceremony. For interested families, we have arranged with Tzazikis to deliver food to those that place a pre-order by this evening at 6 pm. Refer to the directions and link at the end of this email. They have a really tasty Family Feast on their menu that would be perfect for this! If you order after today you will need to pick up your own food. They are also giving us a portion of the profits! 

As this event is usually crowded, please bring your own camp chairs if you don’t want to end up eating or sitting on the ground. Please remind your kids to be respectful to one another and the coaches during the ceremony by remaining quiet, paying attention, and cheering for one another

We would love to have all of our families there to celebrate as a Foxridge swim team  community. Please reach out to a parent rep if you have questions. 


Taziki's website:!/


Directions for Ordering:


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Select PICK UP, Sunday *anytime is fine- (ORDER WILL BE DELIVERED BY TAZIKIS TO THE POOL around 5:30pm on Sunday)

Place Order    *Family Feasts are great option*

Use Promo Code below so Foxridge Swim Team can get Fundraising $ (10-20% donated back depending on amount of orders)


Promo code: FOXRIDGE


In case there's any issue with the promo code please have them write FOXRIDGE under special instructions.


In order for the orders to be delivered they need to be placed by 6:00pm today