Volunteer Positions Available for Satisfying Volunteer Requirement

Volunteer opportunities are available in 2 shifts and are worth 3 points per shift.  Unless otherwise stated below, the first shift runs from just prior to the start of the meet through Event 45 (approx. 7:30-10:30am) and the 2nd shift runs from Event 45 through the end of the meet (approx. 10:30am-1:30pm.)  Some positions are only available for home meets and some are available for both home and away meets.  It is imperative that volunteers for both shifts check-in with the Volunteer Coordinator 30 minutes before the meet begins (between 6:30-7:30am) and report to their volunteer location on time.  


Calls the swimmers by event to the heating area, announces scores, and any other announcements that need to be made during the meet.


1. First Shift:  Helps set up concessions area 1 hour before the meet begins and sells concessions during meet.

2. Second Shift:  Sells concessions during the meet and helps take down concessions after the meet.


1. First Shift:  Arrives early to preheat grill and makes pancakes for breakfast.

2. Second Shift:  Cooks hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch, then cleans grill.


Helps kids get cards, find correct event / lane and move through the heating area then over to the blocks.  


Delivers water & light snacks to all volunteers working home meets.


Collects cards from timers and delivers to scoring table, collects DQ slips from officials and delivers to scoring table, then over to coaches and, on 25m races, collects cards from swimmers at blocks and delivers to timers at other end of pool.


Assists Scoring Chair in identifying official times by circling middle times on cards, checking times entered into computer against cards and posting results during the meet.


Stands at end of lane and times the events from sound of starter to touch of wall using either manual stopwatch or Dolphin timing system.


Committee Chair Positions

These positions are held by the same person from year to year until they decide to give it up.  They fulfill the Volunteer Commmitment without keeping track of points.  To find out more about a position and discuss your suitability for these positions, contact a Parent Rep directly.  When a position becomes vacant, an announcement will go out to the team and interested candidates will be considered in a fair & orderly manner, as described in the vacancy announcement.

1. Awards - Responsible for designing and ordering awards.  Also responsible for distributing all swimmer awards and posting all pool records on the pool record board.


2. Ribbons​ -  in charge of  inventorying & replenishing ribbons at start of season (ordering correct quantity of ribbons from MHSL), sorting and storing the ribbons, placing recipient labels on all ribbons, and putting the ribbons in swimmer folders in the Swim Team Box after each meet.

3. Bulletin Board - Responsible for decorating & posting swim family list, coaches' profiles, meet schedule and bead designations.  This person is also responsible for updating the bulletin board each week with pictures from the team photographer and all star qualifiers.

4Concessions - Responsible for buying/selling all food needed for home meets, setting up pizza and breakfast burrito deliveries and supervising Concessions volunteers at home meets.  Due to the complexity of this position, two Concessions Chairs will work together. 

5. Fundraising  - Responsible for contacting local businesses for fundraising opportunities through team feeds. Team feeds should be scheduled in advance at a restaurant willing to give back a portion of sales to the team. This person will attend all team feeds and ensure that the proceeds percentage is delivered to the team.  They also raffle off the table and parking spaces for each home dual meet and home prelim.  This person also conducts the annual swim-a-thon with prizes and a snack (bagels, donuts, etc).

6.The Clerk of Course -is responsible for the heating area at home meets (places labels on cards before meet, performs deck adds and scratches & puts cards up on heating board for each event that is currently heating.)   Requires additional training and meetings through the MHSL.  Due to the importance of this position, a clerk in training will always work alongside the Clerk of Course.

7. Officials - The Meet Referee is responsible for understanding the official swimming rules and regulations and resolving race disputes.  The Starter signals the start of each heat and any false starts.  Stroke & Turn Judges watch swimmers to make sure that relay starts, strokes, turns and finishes are legal.  A Scribe assists the committee in recording DQ's.  All of these positions require additional training, certification, and meetings through the MHSL.

8Photographer - Responsible for capturing a variety of photos at meets and social events throughout the season, giving the Bulletin Board chair a CD of pictures weekly and coordinating with the coaches to create the end of season slide show DVD's.

9. Pep Rallies - Responsible for ordering, picking up and serving the donuts and juice at Friday pep rallies.

10. Scoring - This position works closely with the Team Unify Administrator and opposing teams to set the home meets, i.e., creating meet files, importing meet entries into Meet Manager,  seeding the meet, combining heats & creating meet programs.  The Scoring Chair is in charge of creating the deck card labels and delivering them to the Clerk of Course.  The person is also in charge of setting up the scoring area the morning of the meet and taking it down after the meet is finished.   During a home meet, the Scoring Chair enters last minute changes to the program, verifies the accuracy of the posting of each swimmer's time and any DQ's.  They publish the meet results, notify the League of final score and any records broken, document any All Star qualifiers, and print ribbon labels which they deliver to the Ribbon Chair.      Requires additional meeting through the MHSL.

11. Social Committee: Responsible for organizing and running the following events: 

a. Ice Cream Social - Responsible for buying ice cream, toppings, and paper products. Needs to set up and tear down table as well as serve ice cream.

b. Swim Under The Stars - Responsible for organizing games/pool relays, buying supplies, setting up & cleaning up lawn games and assisting coaches in running games in the water.

c. Fun Meet - Responsible for setting up, monitoring & cleaning up potluck dinner. 

d. Tie Dye party - Responsible for organizing and conducting tie dye party, including collecting money, buying necessary supplies, set-up and tear down..

12. Swim- A-Thon  - Responsible for conducting vote to determine charity, arranging for visit by charity representative, create and pass out fund donation forms to swimmers. Arrange for local businesses to donate breakfast food such as bagels and coffee. Arrange for volunteers to count laps on morning of swim-a-thon. Process all funds raised and get them to the charity. Announce to team how much funds were raised. Team gives a donation in the swimmer's name for the swimmer in each age group that swims the most laps. 

13. Team Pictures/ Pirates Cove - Responsible for arranging photo shoot with photographer (Don Bristol), communicating date/process to team, distributing order forms, organizing and managing picture taking, distributing photos.

14. Team Unify Administrator -  Responsible for coordinating with Team Unify staff to maintain a website to provide electronic registration, volunteer & concessions sign-ups, meet entries and team communications. 

15. Head Timer - Responsible for ensuring adequate supply of functional timing equipment, including updating the Dolphins software and batteries each year, stopwatch batteries, bringing the equipment to all meets, including away meets as a backup, training the timers the morning before each home meet, supervising timers during each meet, including filling slots when needed, and securing the equipment after the meets.  This person is also responsible for posting all pool records on the pool record board and honoring the record holders.

14. Volunteer Coordinator - Responsible for monitoring open volunteer slots, soliciting volunteers as needed and tracking volunteer requirements. 

  • Run/get lists of meet volunteers and reconcile to be sure all families have all 4 commitments.
  • Run report from Team Unify of each meet's volunteers, and then use PDF form and print nametags for each meet, and be at meets at 6:30 to sign people up before meet begins. Find fill-ins if needed.
    • Assign Timers to lanes on form and on nametags.
  • Plan for several hours during the first two weeks to get everyone settled.
  • Do same for prelims/championship meets--parents volunteer again. If their child swims, they volunteer.