Frequently Asked Questions


Can my swimmer join the Piney Creek Heat Swim Team?

The Piney Creek Heat Swim Team is only open to residents of the Piney Creek HOA.  If you are not part of the Piney Creek HOA please visit for other swim team options.  For reference, here is the Piney Creek HOA Map:  Piney Creek HOA Map


How will I receive information about meets, practices, etc?

Piney Creek Heat Swim Team communications are sent via google groups emails.  If you are not receiving emails by the first practice please contact [email protected].  If you don't see emails in your inbox please check your junk/spam folder.  You may need to change your email settings to mark these emails as safe.


I just registered for the first time, but I can't volunteer for shifts.  Why?

New families must be accepted into the system.  This is typically done once a day, around 8pm.  So, please try again the next day.


How do I communicate to the coach that my child will miss a swim meet?

For each meet, you will "Edit Commitment" on the Events page of the website.  Check "Not Attending" if your swimmer cannot participate.


What if my swimmer can only swim part of a meet?

It’s fine that your child participates in only part of a meet. It’s important, though, to let the coach know this ahead of time. You can note what time your swimmer must depart the meet when you commit on the Events page of the website.


How do we know if the evening swim practice has been canceled?

This is tricky sometimes, because the weather can delay such a decision to the last minute, and because we don’t have control over whether the pool remains open or not. However, we’ll make every attempt to send out an email.


How do I know if my swimmer is eligible to swim at Championships or in the All Star meet?

In mid July, there’s a preliminary meet, “prelims,” in which all swimmers participate. The top 16 finishers in each age group for boys and girls, across all teams, will qualify for Championships. All Stars is a separate meet requiring that swimmers have qualifying times in order to compete. A swimmer can secure a qualifying time at any of the meets during the season.


Who do I contact to sign up for a volunteer position?

The easiest way to volunteer is by going to the Events page, clicking on the Job Signup Button and choosing which positions you would like to sign up for.  Select the available positions box and click on the signup button.  Alternatively, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at email ([email protected]).


Do you think my child should swim prelims, especially if they are seeded low and probably won’t make finals?

Yes, prelims are a valuable experience and a culminating activity to their season of hard work. It is not just about making finals, but improving their best time. Prelim results help determine who swims on the relay's at Championships!


Should my child still come to Championships even if they didn't make it?

Yes, they can learn a lot by watching, feel part of the team, and help cheer their teammates on.


Do we still have practice while prelims are going on?

Yes, we have divided the coaching staff up so some are at practice and some at the meet.


Does my child go to practice after Prelims for the remainder of the week if they didn't make Championships?

No. If your child didn't qualify for Championships, then they are done with practices after Prelims.


How do I enter All-Stars?

All-Stars entries are posted at the pool with entry forms. You must enter your child if they intend on swimming in the meet and have qualified. Entry due dates will be announced. An updated list of qualifiers will be posted after Prelims and then again after Championships. The cost to enter the meet is $TBD.


How do I find out if practice is canceled?

If practice is canceled due to weather conditions, in most cases we will attempt to send out an email notification to all member families as quickly as we can. We may not always be able to do this. Sometimes weather conditions worsen after practice has started and the decision to cancel practice is made part way through practice.


Are there requirements for swimmers to participate in Prelims and Championships?

Yes, Each swimmer must meet the League requirements: he/she must have attended 10 team practices throughout the season and competed in at least two dual meets.