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“It takes a village to run a swim team!

Stroh Ranch Anthology Dolphins Volunteer Policy

The Stroh Ranch Anthology Dolphins (SRA Dolphins) is a volunteer run organization. It takes parent volunteer contributions from every family on the team to run meets and various other team related activities. Because of this, all families are required to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours during the season. This equates to approximately 4 volunteer shifts at 3 hours each.   The 12 hours is required for our dual meet regular season.  If your child swims at Prelims/Championships/All-stars you will be required to volunteer at those meets as well.

Volunteer signups will be due on Monday coinciding with meet entries.  If you enter your swimmer for a meet you will likely need to volunteer at that meet in order to fulfill your 12 required volunteer hours (families average one absence out of our 5 meet regular season).  Summer 2022 Volunteer Signup will begin Sunday, May 22nd at 8:00PM. Positions for all dual meets will be available under the "Job Signup" button on each meet.

In-line with common swim team practices families will be charged for unworked volunteer hours.   Any family that does not complete their volunteer commitment of 12 hours during the season will be charged a fee of $12.50 an hour for every hour they are short. We realize that there are some special situations that prevent a family from being able to volunteer. Because of this we also offer a Volunteer Opt-Out fee of $150 that will exempt your family from having to volunteer during the regular dual meet season (the Opt-Out does not include the Division Championships Prelims Finals meet or the League All-Star meet, if you participate in those, you will still be asked to volunteer if you can). However, we highly discourage families from selecting this option if they are capable of volunteering as we truly need everyone's help. If you have trouble finding your positions please email [email protected].

If you signup to volunteer a particular session and are then unable to work that session, please try to find a replacement to fill your spot if the deadline to drop the position has closed before emailing the volunteer coordinators.

A parent of each swimmer must agree to comply with this policy before your child can begin swimming.  Non-compliance with this policy without prior approval from the Board of Directors may result in termination of membership with SRA Dolphins.  

We thank you all for your continued support of the team and are looking forward to another great season! If you have questions or issues, you can reach us at [email protected].

The SRA Volunteer Coordinators - Rachel & Sarah

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