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Willow Creek 3 has a summer swim team! 

It is a must for all of the kids in the neighborhood and surrounding areas. You don't have to be a Willow Creek resident to join! 

It is a great place to practice what the kids may already know, learn more and learn other strokes and generally be more comfortable and proficient around the water. And they usually have a lot fun while they're at it! Plus hanging out with their friends or meeting new friends! 

Our team is for all abilities and levels with an emphasis on learning to swim better. There are a handful of year-round swimmers, but the big majority of the team is kids having fun for the first part of the summer. Many swimmers have little or no experience when they start, and it’s our job to introduce them to the sport of swimming.


Summer Swim Team Details...

WC3 Dolphin Swim Team is open to kids age 4-18. 

Season starts mid-May and ends mid-July. Our swim team is open to resident and non-resident swimmers. Registration normally opens mid-March. We want swimmers registered by the May 20th to order team swimsuits.

Overall, swim team is great! Having the kids in the water each and every day is extremely beneficial to learn to swim! 

Our website is loaded with plenty of information!


Dolphin Mission Statement
The WC3 Dolphins Swimming Association is a neighborhood summer swim team that provides a safe, fun and moderately competitive environment for kids that have an interest in swimming and are seeking to improve their swimming technique.


Being a Dolphin is FUN!

The goal of the Dolphin Swim Team, coaches, and volunteer swim board is to make swimming and competing as a Dolphin an enjoyable, recreational activity for swimmers and their families.

Regardless of ability, all swimmers are on the same team; they are Dolphins! We encourage sportsmanship amongst our own swimmers, and between our swimmers and their competitors on other teams. It is heartwarming to see the older teens interact with the younger swimmers. We try to make swimming fulfilling, as well as fun, and hope our Dolphins will make swimming a lifetime activity.


About the Willow Creek 3 Swim Team
The Willow Creek 3 Swim Team is a 501(c)3 non-profit origination based in Centennial, Colorado. We are a summer swim team that is a must for all of the kids in the neighborhood as well as their friends outside of Willow Creek.

Our swim team has been a staple in the neighborhood for over 30 years.

The Willow Creek III Dolphin Swim Team is in Division D of the Mountain Hi Swim League.