2020 Summer Swim Team Canceled

2020 Swim Team Season Cancelled

WC3 Dolphins Board

Good morning, 

We received a splash of cold pool water last night.
The 2020 swim team season has been cancelled by Mountain High Swim League. 
We are all disappointed that the swim team won't commence this year. However, there are too many obstacles for the 23 swim leagues to overcome to make swim team a safe reality this summer.
The league will be putting out a letter detailing the reasons for the cancellation of the season. You can find that here once that letter is posted.
As of right now, we don't have any information on if and when the WC3 pool will open. At the next HOA board meeting, the pool opening date will be re-addressed.
Stay healthy! Stay safe. See you in 2021!
WC3 Swim Team Board