See you in 2022!

The safety of the swimmers is of huge importance. We live in Colorado and weather can change quickly. So, practice and/or swim meets may be canceled due to cold or inclement weather. 

* WEATHER POLICY:  It’s our policy that practice take place every day (swimming or dry-land) unless there is thunder/lightning or other extenuating circumstance.  It’s also our policy that every parent is in the best position to determine whether their child should swim in specific weather.  Please feel free to make that determination for your child!

DRY LAND PRACTICE - in the instance it is too cold to swim, then the coaches will implement a dry land practice. Bring your tennis shoes and be prepared for a workout out of the pool. 

* TEXT/EMAIL ALERTS:  We are setting up a text alert system but until that’s ready to roll, we’ll use email to alert families if practice is canceled.  For the next 2 weeks we plan to make weather decisions by 4 pm and if practice is canceled we’ll send that email by 4 pm.

If you don't hear anything, that means practice or meets is a GO!

Please remember...We live in Colorado, so please show us flexibility if we need to cancel at the last minute.