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Swim Meets Ins & Outs:

Five dual meets are scheduled for Saturday mornings, Dolphins against each team in our D Division. Meets start at 8:00 AM and are usually over by 1:00 PM. Depending on team size, some meets are longer and some are shorter. Our warm-up is from 6:45 AM to 7:15 AM at home meets and from 7:15 AM to 7:45 AM at away meets.

You should bring swim wear, goggles, a few towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and chairs for parents. Early in the season a sleeping bag and extra towels will be helpful when the temperatures could still be low. And, don’t forget to bring those positive attitudes!

Every swimmer can compete in 3 individual events and 2 relays. Coaches may put younger/newer swimmers in fewer events at the beginning of the season until they get the hang of it. Our expectation, and hopefully yours, is that all swimmers will compete in 5 events as soon as they are able.

Coaches decide on a fun theme for each meet so kids can participate in their own way.

For home meets, there will be a concessions stand and parents can purchase concession cards early so you don’t have to carry cash around for home meets.

Please plan to arrive early so you can snag a parking spot closer to the pool and find a shady spot to watch the meet unfold.


Meet Schedule:

Dual Meets -

The most exciting part of swimming is competing in meets. We have 5 regular season dual meets, followed by Prelims, Championships, and for the elite swimmers, All-Stars. Please see the calendar for meet dates, times, and locations.

Every swimmer is expected to compete in all dual meets. However, coaches understand that some swimmers have obligations beyond their summer swim team, so we understand if you’re unable to make one of the meets.

IMPORTANT: Please inform coaches of your upcoming absence by declaring the swimmer unavailable by Tuesday before any meet you expect to miss. This enables the coaches to plan relays in advance and helps avoid last minute roster changes at the meet. Sometimes last-minute roster changes lead to last minute disappointments over cancelled relays.


Q&A - My swimmer will miss some meets. Is that okay? 
Absolutely! If your swimmer wants to compete in prelims and championships, they must swim 3 out of the 5 dual meets.

Prelims - 

All 6 teams from division D compete in prelims and championships. Prelims are held on the Tuesday and Wednesday in the 2nd week of July (check the calendar to verify which date for this year). This is the meet in which our swimmers compete against all the other swimmers in our division.

Coaches prefer all swimmers to participate. Each swimmer can only pick 3 individual events. If needed, parents need to work with coaches to determine what events are best for their swimmer.

Even if you don’t make the cut in an individual event at Prelims, you may still swim in a relay or two at Championships. Almost all our swimmers compete in Championships, and we need your best effort for our overall team standing.

**Volunteers are still required for prelims and championships although the available positions are less.**


Championships - 

The top 12 swimmers in each Prelim event will advance to Championships. 13-14 placed swimmers will be alternates and are encouraged to attend championships. The competition at Championships is very intense and just making it to this meet is a major accomplishment.

It is important to declare a swimmer for championship even if the swimmer did not qualify for any individual events. Coaches will place the available swimmers in relays.


All-Stars - 

All-Stars is held the Saturday after Championships. This is the by invitation only meet in which the best swimmers from all 5 Divisions in the Mountain Hi Swim League face each other. It is tough to qualify for this meet and usually only the best swimmers in the league do by matching or beating a set qualifying time in any individual event at any swim meet during the season. Coaches are happy to talk to anyone who wants more information about All-Stars. The All-Star qualifying times are posted on the league’s website at, and a hard copy is available in the team’s mailbox too.


Stroke & Turn Judges and Disqualifications (DQ)

A stroke & turn judge watches each swimmer during their race to make sure he/she is performing the appropriate stroke for that race with the appropriate arm/leg movements for that stroke. The judge also watches to make sure the swimmer turns correctly and touches the wall on turns and finishes. (Some strokes require a two hand touch, and others just a one hand touch to finish.). Although we try to keep these meets fun, referees do need to enforce these rules to keep the races fair for all.

A swimmer may be disqualified (DQ’d) from that particular race if he/she uses an incorrect stroke, performs it incorrectly, does the wrong turn, or fails to touch the wall during a turn or finish. If a stroke and turn judge sees an infraction, it is reported on the radios, verified by the Meet Referee, documented by the Scribe (also a stroke & turn judge), and given to the scoring table. During the meet, our coaches receive a written explanation and will discuss it with the swimmer either at the meet or during the next week’s practice.

Swimmers in the 6 & under age group can be disqualified if they are not attempting to perform the correct stroke (for example, doing freestyle during a breaststroke event) or if they have coach assistance.


Glossary of Swimming Terms


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