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Volunteer Policy for Swim Team Season:

Participating as a volunteer is a great way to meet other parents and to have more fun at meets!

Simply put, parent involvement is necessary for a successful season. If it were not for all the help from our swimmers’ parents/guardians/grandparents, this team could not function.
  • Our Dolphins swim team absolutely runs on volunteer participation. There are 60 shifts to fill at ONE home meet and 39 shifts at ONE away meet. It is a wonderful way to meet other families. To ensure 100% volunteer participation, all swim team families must submit a volunteer refundable deposit in the amount of $350 by May 17th. 
  • Swimmers will not be able to start practice until the volunteer refundable deposit check is on file.
  • The check will be returned or destroyed (swim team family will decide) upon completion of required number of shifts.
  • If swim team family does not meet the required shift commitment, then the Volunteer check will be kept and deposited into the general fund.
  • Regardless of the number of meets your child swims, you are still responsible for your required number of shift volunteer commitments.
  • There will be no partial credit given for fewer than required number of volunteer shifts.
  • The following positions are exempt from the volunteer refundable deposit: head of social committee, head of sponsorship, announcer, deck referee, meet referee, scoring, head of concessions, clerk of course, head of heating, starter, and volunteer coordinator.
  • Home teams provide all the volunteers for pool set-up, take-down, concessions, computer scoring, head clerk of course, starter, announcer, and meet referee, as well as, filling positions for timers, runners, heaters, and judges.
  • For away meets, our volunteers are needed to fill positions for timers, runners, heaters, judges, scoring/ribbons, and clerk of course. 
  • Each volunteer position has a coordinator, so don’t worry about lack of experience; coordinators and other volunteers will tell you what you’ll need to know.
  • Parent volunteers also work together to ensure they don’t miss their own children’s events and that non-swimming siblings are monitored when needed.

**The required number of volunteer shifts will be announced once registration is finalized and the board knows how many families are participating in swim team.** 
Volunteer commitments for prelims, championships, and all-star meets will be handled separately.

****Updated as of February 2018 volunteer Policy Swim Team Season. No Changes for 2021****


Swim team is run by a volunteer group of parents dedicated to make the Willow Creek 3 Dolphins an awesome summer activity for all kids and parents. You can learn more about the positions here.


Description of Volunteer Positions

Volunteer positions, which must be filled include:

  • Announcer: Starts each race at the meets by announcing the race and keeping the music happening.
  • Clerk of Course: Organizes and coordinates the race event cards for each swimmer and event at the meet.
  • Concessions: Organizes, buys, and sells concession items at the home meets.
  • BBQ Grill Specialist: Flipping burgers and hot dogs to feed the swimmer and their families.

  • Heater: Lines the swimmers up behind the starting blocks according to their race and heat and gives the swimmers direction as to when to step up to the block for their race.

  • Pool Set-Up/Take Down: Sets up the pool for home meets on the Friday evening before the meet and Saturday morning before the meet. Takes down the meet equipment, store it properly, and makes sure the pool deck is clear of all trash prior to pool opening for the public.

  • Meet/Deck Referee: Helps with meet needs that may arise during a meet. Verifies any/all stroke infractions, and keeps the meet moving. This position you must be certified by the league.

  • Photographer: Take team photo as well as pictures at meets.

  • Runners: Collects the race event cards from the timers after each race and runs them to the scoring table. (If you are looking to get some exercise on a Saturday morning, this is the job for you!)

  • Scoring-Cards-Ribbons: Tabulates the race results from each race event card individually and collectively, enters the information into the computer, prints labels of the race results and produces the ribbons. Keeps the meet score and individual swimmer results.

  • Scribe: The Scribe works with the stroke & turn judges and scoring on DQ slips.

  • Social Committee Head: Organizes pancake breakfast, Team Awards Night/Party, social events, fundraising lunches, etc.

  • Social Committee Volunteer: Helps at the organized social events.

  • Sponsorship: Secure sponsors for the swim team.

  • Starter: Starts each race at the meets by sounding the horn to start the race. Keeps the meets running on time. This position you must be certified by the league.

  • Stroke and Turn Judge: Judges the swimmers’ strokes and turns during each meet event. This position you must be certified by the league.

  • Timers: Three timers are needed per pool lane to time the swimmer in that lane for each event. Times are recorded on the race event card for each swimmer. One overall backup timer will also be needed.