MHSL Calendar for training (IMPORTANT TRAINING DATES) -

Key Positions (link)

Volunteer Position Descriptions:

Meet Officials: You must be League Certified (or trained) to hold these positions.  MHSL offers clinics for those interested. Please check out the clinic dates at:

We have an ongoing need for referees and other officials to learn the role and shadow our current team of volunteers.  Persons who are willing to fulfill these roles must be certified and may enjoy reduced shift commitments.  Positions include:

  • Meet Ref (1 FULL DAY  shifts per meet)
  • Deck Ref (1 FULL DAY  shifts per meet)
  • Starter (1 FULL DAY  shifts per meet)
  • Clerk of Course (1 FULL DAY  shifts per meet + Pre-meet prep of ~10 hours)
  • Scoring (2 FULL DAY  shifts per meet)
  • Scribe (2 shifts per meet)
  • Strike & Turn Judges (4 shifts per meet)
  • DQ Judge -  Disqualification Notifier (2 shifts per meet)

Ready Bench Volunteers:  At the ready bench, you will help run the heating area by ensuring all swimmers are in the heating area, seated in the correct lane, and moved efficiently through the heating area to the blocks. 

Runners:  Responsible for taking the swimmer’s cards from one end of the pool (where the swimmer is) to the timer for the lane OR from the lane to the scoring table.

Timers:Timers are responsible for running a stop watch and timing the swimmers in a designated lane.

Scoring Volunteers:The persons sitting at the scoring table help to ensure the appropriate time is circled and swimmers times are read to the person inputting the times electronically in the scoring area.

Concessions (home meets only):You will work behind the concessions table and help with cooking, serving customers, and taking money.
NOTE: Persons helping in concessions must be entering high school. Children are not allowed to “hang out” behind the concessions stand.

Volunteer Commitment

It takes a lot of volunteers to make the meets run and we can only do that with the great support we get from parents.

  • Parents of swimmers are required to volunteer for meets. Commitment averages 5 shifts during the regular season and then 1 shift per each meet in post season in which you have a child swimming.  However, this is based on registered families and may fluctuate by season based on registration.
  • Participation in two home meet set up or tear down committees is also necessary.

Volunteer Deposit is in the form of three $100 checks.  These will be destroyed at season end upon completion of your volunteer commitment.  However, if you fail to cover your shift and do not have a replacement, it will cost you $100/shift.