This page include A LOT of information for new and returning families ... keep scrolling to make sure you see all of the good stuff that we have uploaded for you! 


Getting & Staying Connected

Four great ways to stay connected this summer:

1.  We will be using e-mail for the majority of our communication during the summer season - make sure that the e-mails associated with your account are updated!

2.  Check our website often for news and announcements.

3.  Every swim family has a folder in our team's "mailbox" at the pool - make certain that you check this on a weekly basis.  Ribbons from meets or surprises from your swim buddy will show up here.

4.  Sign up on the website to receive text and email alerts.  Follow this link to Verify your cell phone number for text alerts:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are the minimum requirements to join the swim team?
A.  The swimmer must be able to safely swim the length of the pool using a rhythmic breathing pattern without stopping.

Q.  How many meets does my swimmer or diver have to compete in in order to be able to swim or dive in the All-City meets?
A.  Three (3).

Q.  What is the weather cancellation policy for swim & dive meets?
A.  Swim & dive meets are held rain or shine, through searing heat & bone-chilling cold.  Severe weather warnings, lightning and thunder will delay or possibly cancel a meet.

Q.  What is the weather cancellation policy for practice?
A.  The official policy is: We have practice every day UNLESS it is pouring down rain, with thunder and lightning. We very rarely cancel practice because of cold.  The coaches will update the website and send out e-mail/SMS alert blasts from the pool deck if practice is canceled.  NOTE:  We ask parents to USE YOUR OWN JUDGMENT. If you think it’s too cold, windy or rotten for practice, keep your kids home.  We trust you.      

Q.  We’re going on vacation and my child is going to miss three weeks of practice. Can our fees be pro-rated?
A.  Unfortunately, not. Our costs are fixed – pool rental, coaches' salaries, insurance costs – whether your child attends practice or not.

Q.  We made a mistake - my child does not like this at all! Can we get our money back?
A.   Yes. Up to the first meet of the season, we will return all your fees minus a $25 administrative charge.


Is it Your FIRST Swim Meet?

Watch this cute video for a nice overview of what to expect:

Or click on THIS link to read through tips for new parents/swimmers.


Volunteering at a Swim or Dive Meet!

To make our club work, hundreds of hours of volunteer time are needed. Whether you love to run a stop-watch, sell concessions, or bake cookies, we can find a job for you.  When you sign your kids up for a meet - also click on the "Job Sign Up" link to volunteer your time.

Need more information on the jobs that are available?  Follow this link:

Volunteer 101


What the Heck is a "Heat Sheet" and How Do I Use It?

A heat sheet is a listing of all of the races scheduled for a swim meet.  It is the road map that is used to make sure that our swimmers are in the right place at the right time and that the correct time is connected with the correct swimmer at the end of the race.

Click on THIS link for a tutorial about how to read a heat sheet


Diving is really cool, where can I find out more about it?