2019 MO Lane Lines - Week 6

Rob Beuthling
Jul 16, 2019
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Welcome to the 2019 Lane Lines newsletter for Week 6!

The week 5 Dive meet at Shorewood came down to the wire and Middleton brought a large contingent to Monona for the Swim meet. It was HOT, but at least it was dry. This week, we split locations again with the dive team at home versus Ridgewood. The Swim team travels west to the High Point Swim Club. All-City is closing in fast! Be sure to read through all the sections below for important notes from the coaches, details on this week's meets, upcoming social events, and All-City updates!

Diving: Well Worthy

Shorewood presented with a strong team and a very close meet. It was also a very long meet, not finishing until almost 8:30pm. Unfortunately, we were on the losing end of the 62-60 match up. There was some great diving from both teams and it is obvious teams are gearing up for the Championships in just two weeks!

The next two Fridays we host home meets. This week we face Ridgewood! Warm ups will start at 3pm and last for one hour. The visiting team has the well and boards from 4-5pm. The meet will start at 5pm! If anyone has a hidden musical talent of singing or playing the National Anthem, please contact Coach Wendy about performing at one of the next two home meets.

Fruit Friday has been a wonderful way to celebrate each week of accomplishments. Last week, we tried something new and it worked great! We stopped practice about 8:20am for our fruit snack so those divers who leave early for swim or summer school got a snack and those staying until 9:30 enjoyed a break and rejuvenation for the rest of the practice. This worked very well and will be continued for the next two weeks! Thank you to Karsyn Nelson’s family for donating fruit this week (July 19th ) and Grant Moreau’s family for the last Friday (July 26th)!

Finally, each week, nine practices are offered. This is more than any other team in the league and provides choices for divers to learn new dives and perfect known dives. The expectation to participate in meets is divers attend at least 3 practice each week. Since diving is all about muscle memory, repetition, and fine tuning skills, Monona offers more than enough opportunities to get the required number of practices in each week. On occasion, we have allowed divers to compete with fewer practices (i.e. gone most of the week at camp, illness for part of the week, vacation interferences); however, this is not ideal. With just two weeks left before All City and a dual meet each Friday before, the three-practice minimum each week will be enforced. This is for the safety of the divers and for consistency of preparation. Have a great week!

Coach Wendy

Swim Notes

HOT! That was a scorcher of a meet! Hot times, hot temps, hot brats, and hot volunteers getting a very large meet done rapidly and efficiently. Awesome work all!

Don't forget to check if you're one of our Star Swimmers this week. Great job to them putting in extra effort and having positive attitude throughout the whole week.

All-City sign-up is due Monday, July 22! Consider the following when determining what to swim:
  1. The All-City Swim events will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 2-4 this year:
    • 11 & older and Unified individual preliminaries AND 11-12 Medley Relay finals will occur on Friday, August 2
    • 10 & Under individual preliminaries AND 8 & under Medley and Freestyle relays will occur on Saturday, August 3
    • All individual finals (top 18) and remaining relays will take place on Sunday, August 4
  2. See the full order of events on the All-City website
  3. You can only sign up for events that you have a time. (No NTs or DQs)
  4. Add a note if you can only swim one relay or less. If you don't add a note, we'll assume you can make both relays.
  5. Use the big button below to make your commitment:
Week 6 Meets!
The Dive team hosts Ridgewood on Friday, July 19. The Swim team travels west to the High Point Swim Club on Saturday, July 20. Use the big buttons below to sign-up for the meets. Swim commitments must be made by the end of Wednesday! Go MO!
DIVE vs. Ridgewood SWIM AT High Point
  • Where: Monona Community Pool 
  • When: Arrive at the pool by 2:45
  • Warm-ups start at 3 PM
  • Competition starts at 5 PM
Where: High Point Swim Club (Directions)
When: Meet starts at 8 AM
Warm-ups as follows:
  • 13 & older: 7:00-7:15 AM
  • 11-12s: 7:15-7:25 AM
  • 8 & Under: 7:25-7:35 AM*
  • 9-10s & Unified: 7:35-7:45*

*10 & Unders on Medley relays (events 1-4), go to Clerk immediately after warm ups.

Support Second Harvest
Each year, all swim communities in Madison, raise money for the Second Harvest Food Bank. This is a friendly competition between pools, with the winner announced and rewarded at All City.

Please help by contributing directly to Second Harvest on behelf of MO Swim and Dive. The donatation page will be available through he All-City weekend. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Maple Bluff has won 2 years in a row, but we have a team large enough to beat them, if we can get motivated. Many families are in need right here in Madison, let's all get in the spirit and lend a hand.

Beth Hawker

15th Annual Potato Party!
Wednesday, July 24th
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Monona Dream Park Shelter
Baked potatoes, chili, taco meat, hot cheese sauce, hot cheese w/broccoli sauce, sour cream & butter, shredded cheese, onions, olives, bacon bits, salt, pepper, cookies, McDonald’s Lemonade (or bring your own).

We need your help! We need judges and sign up to bring some goodies! The team will provide the potatoes, but we need your help with the toppings and desserts.

15th Annual Potato Contest!

Decorate a potato or potatoes and bring it/them (already decorated) to the Potato party for our fifteenth annual contest. Use your creativity and design a potato for our penny (or nickel, dime, quarter, dollar) voting.

Voting will take place on Wednesday night and winners will be announced at the banquet

Please label your potato with your name, age and provide a “storage container” for safe keeping. Potatoes should be taken home after the potato party; otherwise, they will be thrown outimmediately following the party

All proceeds will benefit the All-City food drive. Last year, we raised over $900! Bring lots of coins and vote early & often!

Questions? Contact Liz Glynn

2019 All-City Swim Meet Info

**Thanks to everyone that committed to volunteer on behalf of MO at the All-City meet. We have filled our positions.**

The latest All-City newsletter highighted the site layout and parking maps Hint: Bring some walking shoes!

Tent City rules:

  • Due to limited space, no pop-up tents will be allowed around the tents
  • Most tents are on pavement. You may bring carpeting to sit on. All carpeting must be removed by Sunday evening. Free recycling is available, but you must take it to the facility. (See the All-City Info page for more info.)
  • There will be a clean tent contest again this year. The coaches from the winning team get to eat lunch first at Hospitality on Saturday and Sunday! A grand prize will be awarded to the cleanest team.
  • Games will be available including sidwalk chalk. There will be prizes for the best art.

Last day to purchase race sponsorship is Friday, July 19: Prelims or Finals/Relays

You can now purchase single day drop-in passes at Supreme Health & Fitness for only $10. (Adults only). Also available is an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at Vintage Brewing Company. (Adult and kids' tickets available.) Both locations plan on streaming the meet live!

Last day to purchase Ground graphics is Monday, July 22.

Finally, warm-ups for All-City occur Sunday July 28 at Westside Swim Club at 7 PM. Detailed instructions on drop-off and parking are available on the All-City website.

Find out more via the latest All-City weekly newsletter and sign up to get your own copy.

More details regarding All-City will be shared throughout the season as they are finalized our 2019 All-City Swim Meet Info page.

Newsletters are sent weekly throughout the summer season to keep you up to date on all the team happenings on and off the pool deck. Didn't get a copy of this in your email? Verify your contact info on the MO website to make sure you receive these newsletters and other important team information.