2019 MO Lane Lines - Week 8 All-City!

Rob Beuthling
Jul 30, 2019
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Welcome to the 2019 Lane Lines newsletter for Week 8, All-City Week!
If you read just one newsletter, this is the one to read. Whether this is your first or fifteenth All-City, please take some time and review all the details. There are several items that are unique to this year's meet because of the location.
2019 Potato Party!
Thanks to everyone who came to the 2019 Potato Party! Lots of great displays of spud-tastic creativity. Don't forget that the winning display will be announced at the team banquet on August 5. See photos of all the entries on the team site.
Diving: Well Worthy

Monona finished the dual meet season with a win Friday night. The final score of the meet was Hill Farm 54, Monona 69. Congratulations to Roman Smith and Lucy Connelly for competing in their first diving meets! The Magicians finished the dual meet season with a record of 4 wins and 4 losses.

All-City Dive Meet Day 1 Results
Congratulations to all of the 11-12 and 13-14 divers on a successful day of diving! Monona had 21 divers compete this first day of the Championships and 13 made it to the finals. MO started off the meet with six 13-14 girls competing in a field of 39 with Maya Forcier placing 12th, Karsyn Nelson finishing 13th, and Katherine Roberts earning 8th! Next, all three 13-14 boys made the top 16 with Chase Treml placing 16th, Ben Willem 13th, and Gavin Larson 12th! In the 11-12 girls, ten Monona divers competed in a field of 54 and five made it to the finals! All City Champion Emilia Hopper was joined by her teammates Mya Howe (9th), Addie Wurth (12th), Breleigh Ganshert (13th), and Adeline Connelly (15th). Finally, the 11-12 boys finished off the day with both boys making the finals. Tiesto Nuon finished 6th and was also presented with the All City Citizenship Award while Benny Brezinski finished 8th! At the end of the first day of competition, Monona is third overall with one more day of competition to go! Best of luck to all the 10 & under and 15-18 divers on Tuesday!
Annual Swim & Dive Team Banquet
Monday, August 5th, 2019
6:00 PM
Monona Dream Park Shelter

Let’s celebrate a fabulous, fun summer swim season together. We’ll enjoy a taco bar from Qdoba with dessert and softdrinks. Coaches will review the highlights of the season and celebrate the team’s achievements. Special team awards will be given and all active team members will receive a folder full of goodies. Good times will be had by all!

Remember to bring chairs, blankets, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Cost: $10 per person - Pre-registration Required

****Registration and checks are due by Thursday, August 1.****

Registration Form

For payment, leave checks made out to "Monona Swim & Dive Club" in the BANQUET folder at the pool.

Event is rain or shine

2019 All-City Swim Meet
All-City Meet Schedule

The full list of events and preliminary schedule is posted on the All-City meet's website. Here are the highlights:

  • The meet is Friday, August 2 through Sunday, August 4
  • The top 18 times in individual events qualify for Day 3 finals. The next two times are alternates and strongly encouraged to report to clerk of course on Day 3.
  • Friday's (Day 1) events include the 11 & older Unified age groups. These include all of the prelimnary races of the individual events. This year, the 11-12 Medley Relay finals will be included on the first day towards the END of the morning session.
  • Saturday's (Day 2) events include the 10 & under preliminary individual races. All 8 & under final relays will be swum in their normal event order.
  • Sunday's (Day 3) events include all individual final races. Sunday also includes the 9-10, 13-14, 15-19 medley and free final relays as well as the 11-12 free final relay.
  • Morning sessions will start at 8 AM each day.
  • Afternoon sessions are scheduled to start as follows: Friday: 1:45 PM, Saturday & Sunday: 1:30 PM

Review the Clerk of Course procedures with your swimmers this week so you and they know where to go before and after each race. Pick a spot for swimmers to meet up with parents after the swim (Use this swimmer flow map to help)

All-City Warm-ups

Since we can't warm-up at West Side Swim Club during the meet, we will have warm-ups at the Monona Community Pool at 6 AM each day. These will last approximately 45 minutes. (If you are swimming only in the afternoon sessions, you may consider using the Monona Grove High School pool to warm up. BUT, you MUST let Coach Kelly know of your plans ahead of time.) After warm-ups, get to West Side ASAP to account for the unique traffic flow and parking (see below), especially if you're swimming in one of the first events.

All-City Site

The All-City site will be compact and easy to get to everything. Parking will be the biggest challenge. Try to carpool to minimize the need for parking and also to create efficiency. It is highly recommended to combine/carpool with families to have one vehicle for the "stuff" and the other for the swimmers and chaperones. 

Review the site maps before arriving. Swimmer drop off can only be accessed from eastbound Odana Road via a right turn. Thus, there are two recommended routes to get to the swimmer drop-off. See the map below; click on it for more info. The Google map links below will allow you to send them directly to your phone.

  1. Exit at Gammon Road, turn right at the end of the ramp, and the first right at Odana. Follow Odana for 1.5 miles to the drop-off site. Google Maps directions from Monona Pool
  2. Exit Whitney Way Road, turn right at the end of the ramp, through the Odana intersection, turn left at Tokay Blvd, follow Tokay back to Odana, take left to Odana to the swimmer drop-off Google Maps directions from Monona Pool


Tent City

Tent city is where all the swimmers hang out during the meet between events. It's a great time to socialize, but also a time to relax and stay out of the sun. Highlights of this year's tent city include:

  • All the pools' tents will be on an asphalt parking lot. Swimmers are required to wear foot protection at all times. Footwear will be taken off in clerk of course and brought to the pool for post-race collection.
  • Be sure to bring blankets and chairs to avoid sitting on the pavement.
  • There will be no pop-up tents allowed; there isn't any room.
  • Clean up the tent before you leave. The team's coaches with the cleanest tent gets first dibs at lunch!
  • More info on tent city is available on the All-City website.
Coach's Reminders
  • All relays MUST meet at the tent with coaches before heading to clerk of course
  • 10 & unders will receive a card with their swims upon initial arrival to the tent
  • Text Coach Kelly (309-264-8378) with any changes in attendance or arrival times
  • Remember to go to the bathroom BEFORE heading to the clerk of course
  • Swim fast, but mainly have fun!
  • Any questions, just ask!
Parent's Night Out

Finally, come celebrate the 2019 season at the Great Dane East location at approximately 8 PM on Sunday, August 4. Please join us to have a beverage, some appetizers, and to celebrate the end of a fantastic season!

Thank you for reading through all of the details! You're awesome!

Support Second Harvest
Each year, all swim communities in Madison, raise money for the Second Harvest Food Bank. This is a friendly competition between pools, with the winner announced and rewarded at All City.

Please help by contributing directly to Second Harvest on behelf of MO Swim and Dive. The donatation page will be available through he All-City weekend. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Maple Bluff has won 2 years in a row, but we have a team large enough to beat them, if we can get motivated. Many families are in need right here in Madison, let's all get in the spirit and lend a hand.

Beth Hawker

Newsletters are sent weekly throughout the summer season to keep you up to date on all the team happenings on and off the pool deck. Didn't get a copy of this in your email? Verify your contact info on the MO website to make sure you receive these newsletters and other important team information.