2021 Week 3 Lane Lines

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Deep Dive
Notes from Coach Z:
Hello MO Dive Team,
Our first meet of the season against Hill Farm was a great success resulting in areas to focus on.  These include the technical aspects of diving and ultimately honing in on and fine tuning our craft.  
The final result was 66-54 MONONA.  We’ll chalk this meet up to an EXCELLENT first experience for our new and seasoned divers, fine tuning our abilities before we conquer Parkcrest, and great fun had by all.  
Commendable job on:
1.  supporting each other, and 
2. not leaving any trash behind.  
Many thanks for considering other teammates and the environment.  A few items of value were left behind. Please contact Janna @ HF to reconcile: 608.238.0600
A team suit is available and graciously donated by the Laszewski family: Jammer, size 24.
Donut Fridays have been graciously provided by the Radermacher family and by the Warren family.
Upcoming Dive Meet:
MO vs Parkcrest on June 25th. 
Warmup starts @ 3pm. 
Meet starts @ 5pm. 
Please declare your intent to participate by June 23rd!
Our rained out Ridgewood Meet has officially been rescheduled for:
Wednesday, July 14 @ 5pm
Warm Ups begin @ 4pm
Swim Notes
Congratulations to all swimmers who participated at the swim meet vs. Goodman this past weekend!
Want to know our results? Check them out here:
If your swimmer earned a ribbon for an event, you'll find them in your family's folder/mailbox. Make sure to check your mailbox regularly!
A few swimmers in each age group are recognized by their coaches each week as MO's "Swim Stars" for extra impressive contributions to the team through great attitudes, great swims, or a great combination of the two! You'll find this week's Swim Stars here... SWIM STARS

Notes from Coach Kelly:

I'm very pleased with our results from the Goodman meet.  We have absolutely shown growth from our first meet.  We want to start branching out on our event choices, so I am going to encourage swimmers to connect with their coaches and get their opinion on events they should attempt in the near future.  I'm also going to request swimmers continue checking in with their coaches after they finish their races! 

Finally, the theme for this weekend is team spirit.  The Monona Magicians are known for being not only great teammates but respectful competitors.  Let's make a point to encourage and wish our teammates our best at practice and the meet this weekend.  It's also highly encouraged to congratulate our competitors in the lanes near us after we finish a race. 

Lets continue these great MO Magician traditions!! 

Apparel Update...Including Team T-Shirts!
Clothing Order/Gear/Cap Update from Clothing Coordinator, Liz Hrodey......
  • Quick reminder if you ordered a gear bag and cap it is available for pick at your swimmer's practice (the cap is in the bag with the gear).  
  • If you ordered "just" a cap, please see Coach Kelly at practice to pick up your cap.   
  • The hooded long sleeve poly shirts are not in yet, Simply Swimming is doing the best they can to get those to us as fast as possible.  As soon as I have them I will get them out. The tentative date of distribution is Monday, 6/28.  
  • Team T-shirts will be distributed starting Wednesday this week at practice. Each swimmer/diver will receive one team T-shirt in the size they indicated during registration.  
  • Thank you for picking up your clothing, swim gear, and caps.  We had our largest order ever for Monona! 
  • If you have any questions about your order, please let me know: [email protected] or text/call 608-345-9646.


We are returning to our traditional single session meet format this week, with all age groups swimming in event order between 7:30am and 12:00pm. Also returning: Concessions Food and Printed Heat Sheets!

This all means we need additional volunteers for Concessions, as well as our usual need for lots of timers, and help with clerk of course, computer scoring, set up, clean up, and awards distribution.

Thank you so much for helping out in some way—our team is entirely volunteer run and meets can't happen without you!

Learn more about each job here, and then SIGN UP for your favorite!


WEEK 3 Swim and Dive Meets of the Season are both at Home this weekend, with our one Weeknight Meet of the season next Wednesday!

First up...HOME DIVE MEET v Parkcrest!

  • Friday, June 25th
  • 5:00-7:30pm
  • Monona Community Pool
  • Warm Up Times 3:00-4:00pm


  • Saturday, June 26th
  • 7:30am-12:00pm
  • Monona Community Pool
  • Warm Up Time for 11 and ups: 6:20am
  • Warm Up Time for 10 and Unders: 6:40am
  • Seminole Meet Guidelines and Meet Details
  • Sign Up Deadline is Wednesday.
  • Concessions will be serving food and drinks at this week's meet. Printed Heat Sheets will also be available...bring your single bills!

And then quickly followed by our one weeknight meet of the season: SWIM MEET @ RIDGEWOOD

  • Wednesday, June 30
  • 4:00pm-9:00pm
  • Ridgewood Pool
  • Warm Ups TBA
  • Meet Guidelines and Details TBA
  • Sign Up Deadline is Sunday, June 27th!


  • Thursday, July 1
  • 5:00-7:30pm
  • Monona Community Pool
  • Warm Up Times 3:00-4:00pm



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