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The 2019 Madison All-City Swim Meet will occur on Friday, August 2 through Sunday August 4 hosted by the West Side Swim Club. (Note this is a change from the historical Thursday-Saturday schedule.)

Find out more about all the meet details at http://swim.westsideallcity.com

Pertainent details for MO swimmers will be listed below and updated as more information becomes available.

Read the current All-City Newsletter and sign up to get copies delivered to your own mailbox.

As of 07/16/2019:

The latest All-City newsletter highighted the site layout and parking maps 

Tent City rules:

  • Due to limited space, no pop-up tents will be allowed around the tents
  • Most tents are on pavement. You may bring carpeting to sit on. All carpeting must be removed by Sunday evening. Free recycling is available, but you must take it to the facility. (See the All-City Info page for more info.)
  • There will be a clean tent contest again this year. The coaches from the winning team get to eat lunch first at Hospitality on Saturday and Sunday! A grand prize will be awarded to the cleanest team.
  • Games will be available including sidwalk chalk. There will be prizes for the best art.

Last day to purchase race sponsorship is Friday, July 19: Prelims or Finals/Relays

You can now purchase single day drop-in passes at Supreme Health & Fitness for only $10. (Adults only). Also available is an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at Vintage Brewing Company. (Adult and kids' tickets available.) Both locations plan on streaming the meet live!

Last day to purchase ground graphics is Monday, July 22.

Finally, warm-ups for All-City occur Sunday July 28 at Westside Swim Club at 7 PM. Detailed instructions on drop-off and parking are available on the All-City website.

As of 07/01/2019:

  • All volunteer positions are available for signup under the volunteer tab. If you would like to volunteer in areas OTHER than clerk or timers, WSSC would gladly welcome you! We have a separate link to all meet jobs on the additional volunteer needs section. Reminder: we will gladly offer community service hours that will count toward service requirements for National Honor Society. All volunteers get a fabulous t-shirt. Deadline is July 3rd!!!
  • We now have a link to the Second Harvest Food Drive.  This year Park Bank will be honoring each team this year with an additional donation to each partnered food pantry/Kids Cafe program based on the total meals per swimmer raised.
  • Our "shop" section now includes: 
    • Race Sponsorship (your name printed in heat sheets and read over the PA system) Prelims or Finals/Relays
    • Clothing
    • Ground graphics
    • Coming soon:
      • Parking
      • Day passes to Supreme Health and Fitness (watch the meet being live streamed and work out!)
      • Information on a lunch buffet option at the Vintage (the meet will be streamed there too!)

As of 6/13/2019:

  • Seniors: Deadline to submit your profiles to the All-City website is June 21.
  • The schedule of events is posted on the All-City website. Note that the 11-12 Medley Relay Finals (Events 5 & 6) will be swum on F2riday towards the end the morning session.
  • Monona's pre-meet warm-up will be on Sunday, July 28 at 7 PM.
  • Swimmer drop-off and parking will be a unique challenge for the pre-meet practice session and each day of the meet. West Side is working with the neighboring business and communtiy to address the traffic flow and parking. MO-specific details will be provided as details firm up.