Shorewood Pool's Swim & Dive Team is full of team spirit.......we have fun, we work hard at practice, and we love to swim and dive at the All City Dual Meets and at the big All City Finals.

We have great coaches, a great facility at which to practice, and awesome support from pool staff and the team's parents.

Shorewood Pool is a part of the All-City Swim and Dive League - there are lots of pools in the areas that participate. There are weekly dual meets, and then the summer culminates at the All-City Swim and Dive Meets when all the pools come together to compete.  To say it is a ton of fun for all the kids is a massive understatement.

And we know you might have a lot of questions about the awesome Shorewood Hills Swim and Dive Team - check out our FAQ page.....and there is lots more information on all the other pages of this site! 

And in the meantime, see you at the pool....and if you don't know the story behind the bagels, be sure to ask us!

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Attached beneath all of this is the full recording of the 2021 PRESEASON SWIM AND DIVE MEETING: